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Mental Health Benefits for Journaling

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Do you write? Here I am talking about writing your heart out on a piece of paper on a daily basis. In happiness or sadness or in stress or just writing your random thoughts which you want to keep to you. If yes, then without knowing you are mending yourself from inside and outside. For some people, it may be an enjoyable activity but for some, it may be therapeutical. People who are dealing with anxiety or depression find a friend in their journal.

When thinking about journaling, the first thing that comes in a picture is a teenage girl lying in her bed, with a pen and diary, writing random stuff in it. There are so many thoughts that come during the teenage years. A number of unanswered questions that she wants to know or she already knows, writes in her journal. Studies have shown that writing a journal or diary has proven a positive impact on one’s physical and mental health.

Apart from just recording memories or self-expressing, a journal does more than that. The mental health impact is more than physical impact in a person who writes a journal. So let's see a few of the mental health benefits of journaling.

  1. Reduces Stress- A study from New Zealand in 2013, showed that 76% of adults who spends 20 minutes in writing journals daily for continuous 4 months, is sufficient to reduce stress and help in lowering blood pressure levels and improving the liver profile. It can be like meditation if you choose to write a journal at night before going to bed. It can help you in de-stressing and unwinding by recording your all-day activity.
  2. Helps in strengthening your immune system- Studies have shown that a person who is fighting a terminal illness like cancer or HIV aids and writes a journal, copes better and shows physical benefits. A patient dealing with these diseases writes their negative and positive experience regarding their treatment. It acts as a therapy as it gives shape to your anxious feelings and emotions.
  3. Fights depression- Studies have proven that writing journals can fight prolonged depression. You can write your thoughts and emotions and what is bothersome to you. By writing down everything, you can find the warning sign of depression. By reading your written journal, you may realize that it is time to seek some professional help who can guide and take you out of your depression.
  4. Improves your mood- It helps in clearing your mind, you if put things in your journal. If you express your emotions in your journal it will help you to overcome them rather than bottling them up. Even in extreme cases, expressive writing helps a lot. It lowers body tension, anxiety and anger.
  5. Helps in emotional release- It helps with healing, resolving any signs of traumas. When you write down all your emotions, it helps is an effective emotional release. And if you go through your written journal you can find inspiration to move forward leaving behind the trauma. For example- You had a bad day in your office, and by the end of the day you want to scream at someone, it's better to write a journal for that emotional release.

Apart from mental benefits, it has other benefits too as it gives you a better goodnight's sleep, improves your communication, boosts your creativity, resolves your problem effectively and most important, you will get to know yourself better.

Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

How to Start Writing a Journal-

  1. Try to write a journal every day, starting from at least 15–20 minutes.
  2. If you want to take the lifelong benefits of writing in a journal, first you have to make it a habit.
  3. Don't fix any time for writing, just write it when you feel it.
  4. Show Gratitude while writing in your journal. Gratitude is a powerful emotion that can uplift general wellbeing. It is one of the powerful journaling techniques which helps in dealing with mental health.
  5. Do not aim to write big and long journal entries, start writing small or just jotting down general information regarding your daily life.
  6. Write about the things that catch your interest.
  7. Start with writing good old fashioned letters to someone you want to show gratitude to.
  8. Do not feel sad if you missed writing for a day. It is normal and it takes time. Do not be hard on yourself.

Writing Journals can mend your heart and soul if written on a regular basis. So start doing it right now.

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