No Amount of Money Will Rob Me of Joy

I love my inner peace

Teisha LeShea
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


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Welcome to another episode of Then and Now, where I revisit my old written work and reflect on what’s changed and what’s the same. Throughout this series, I will link the original post. Please read my original posts and the new post so you, the reader, can see the change in real time.

These last few pieces were from six years ago. Today, I decided to switch it up and review a piece I wrote last February 2023 titled I Quit Talking About Growth. I boldly told my supporters and readers that I was no longer interested in discussing my personal growth and healing. Depression arrived at my doorstep once again; after facing continuous rejections while job hunting, I grew tired of updating my audience with the same news.

Writing narrative pieces can be tricky. Most will stop reading because, over time, it will be the Debbie downer of writing. If I want to stay in a happy mood, I will avoid stories that may trigger my depression and anxiety. My awareness of this made me want to stop writing altogether. I didn’t want to oversaturate mental health and the healing space.

I’m unsure why I cared what others thought or said, but I allowed my insecurity to dictate how I wanted to tell my story. My authenticity has been my bread and butter. I can only talk about my experiences and my…