Surrender, But Never Quit

We may have to surrender in the moment, with full faith that we will continue on our mission soon.

Vincent Van Patten
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


Chillen. Photo of the author.

If life is stale and unchanging, the days will bleed together, time will fall away. But right now, life is full of uncertainty, passion, doubt and revelations.

This is the realm of richness, highs and lows, color and depth which I want to exist in.

Every day matters.

Each morning counts.

A single call with a friend or family member that puts a smile on our face is worth a thousand days of mindless work.

In the lows, we go deeper.

In the highs, we may simply appreciate how beautiful life can be.

There’s so much more to learn, and while I can’t always understand the story, my purpose in life is simply to tell it.

At times my soul has felt opaque, as if I don’t know the real me, living my young life in pain.

Do I know yet what it means to just live?

How can I know who I am if I can’t see clearly through this storm and into my heart?

This week it hit me — I know what it means to live because of pain.