Teisha LeShea’s Target Audience

3 Topics I Talk About Often

Teisha LeShea
Know Thyself, Heal Thyself


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For the rest of 2024, I aim to cater to my target audience through my writing. The goal is always to build a loyal community that supports and follows my work. Reviewing some of my written work, I created a list of ten topics I speak about regularly.

Thinking about the current state of our attention spans, ten seemed too much. I don’t want my readers to guess what I write and who/what I represent as a storyteller.

After some thought and trial and error, I shortened it to three topics and kept my written work subjected to those three topics.

If you are someone reading my work for the first time, welcome; I hope my stories inspire you to be the best version of yourself, and if you aren’t new, this would be a reintroduction to me and what I plan on doing with this platform.

I get a handful of followers daily, and some follow based on the story they’ve read or haven’t read anything and want to get to the one thousand followers.

If you still need to figure out where I land on your homepage, I will keep this pinned at the top of my Medium page until I feel it is optional to have it linger there. I no longer want to take up any more of your time. In honor of Medium Draft Day 2024, I finally put this out into the ether.