The Problem with Having Too Much: It Makes Us Poor in Gratitude

An abundance mindset means making the most of what is.

Julia Winsa
Jul 22 · 1 min read
Pichincha, Ecuador. Photo by Julia Winsa

The strongest memories of gratitude I’ve experienced in my life have been in places, or circumstances, where there were few resources.

It’s been hiking in the Peruvian mountains and—in the biting cold mornings—enjoying a plate of rich luscious oatmeal with bits of peanut butter in it served with a warm cup of instant coffee. What a sublime experience.

It’s been living crammed into a derelict house, with no running water and little other amenities. Where people lived for the day and shared what they had. It’s been working hard in the day and being served a plate of food, cooked with love. Be it so a mountain of rice with one fried egg on the top. Everything is delicious when you’re truly hungry. Everything is delicious when your mindset is gratitude. [Almost everything.]

In those places, I could notice my greedy tendencies abating. The relief of my life: to un-spoil myself. I felt lighter than ever. [Not talking about my weight.]

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