Will You Ever Stop Amazing Me, Dear Generous Universe?

I was almost losing hope I would be able to book my flight while a muse showed up and a miracle happened again!

Photo by Ann on Unsplash

With my current volunteering program host, we agreed on updating the original plan and shortening my stay. Thus, I needed to change my flight to




塔蛤拎佞荊蛤返毋返蛤, 痰塔唐荊佞喫h返唐返蛤, h賅h喫佞荊佞湘 & 劾喫埠賅蛤 蛤拎喫埠塔劾 湘蛤埠喫綾蛤佞唐唐返荊, 湘拎h喫返荊 埠 梗佞喫湘埠荊h 佞屢梗佞喫返佞荊毋佞 h荊 突荊埠賅唐佞休劾 埠 湘梗返喫返蛤塔h 氣h蛤蛤佞喫.

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Myriam Ben Salem

Myriam Ben Salem

Im an Animal Lover & Advocate, grown kid, lifelong learner, storyteller, and edutainer. I write personal stories and psychological and philosophical essays!

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