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A Newsletter From Know Yourself #3

Your Writing Prompt For the Week

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It’s hard to know when to give up when a project isn’t working, but for this publication, it’s never really been a consideration. Because no one gets it yet. They sit, staring into the dark netherworld of their blank screen, but they want to fight through it themselves. We know the feeling because we are the same way.

But that’s why this publication exists. To give you something to write about when you’ve got nothing in the tank. Or when you have a blockage. All you have to do is go to the writing prompts page and pick one. It’s as simple as that. And write, you have to write. Write a story. Write a poem. Write a personal essay. All you have to do is respond to the prompt in the way that you see fit. That. Is. All.

Last Week’s Writing Prompt was #43. Write about a time you felt left out.

This was our only response:

As If I Wasn’t Even There by Jonathan Greene

“But what I do remember is how I felt before anyone talked to me. I felt left out. Anonymous. As if I wasn’t even there. As if the world was too busy to acknowledge me. It didn’t feel good. It still doesn’t.”

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This Week’s Writing Prompt

#16. What is the dominant emotion in your life right now? How can you use this emotion to improve your life?

That’s it. There are no requirements. Just write. With that said, don’t just scribble and submit. As much as we want to be a place to exorcise words from your insides, we still want those words to be your best response to the prompt. Write. Edit. Release. Get to know yourself.

How It Works

Once each writing prompt is released and numbered, then that card is open to all submissions that answer the same question. We envision a diverse collaboration of life experience and exploration inside one publication, all coming from these different writing prompts. Choose the one you like, write, and submit. This is how.

Once the publication starts filling up, the homepage will be segmented by each prompt so that readers can take a deep dive into an important life question but from many different viewpoints.

Request to Write for Know Yourself

We are open to all writers who want to get to know themselves. The only requirements are that you answer the writing prompt, you code the subtitle of your story to fit our guidelines (Know Yourself #), and the first header of your story is the question posed by the writing prompt. This is so readers can easily find consistent pieces on the same prompt. Look at how other stories look to see how yours should.

If you want to write for this publication, please fill out the form here.



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Jonathan Greene

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