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’Tis the Season of Sharing (KnowCap’s 2022 roadmap)

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To celebrate this year we actually want to look forward. We invite you to peer inside what we’re building at KnowCap.

Every Friday for the rest of the year we will be announcing a new initiative that will be implemented next year. Rest assured this isn’t to motivate us by posting it publicly, we’ve beaten every goal we’ve set forth in our thesis by multiple years at this point. We are plenty motivated to pull off our vision.

We want to do this to bring you into our world. To share with everyone what’s possible if you just take the time to learn, experiment, and adjust. Our core values are simple, but we believe that they are what will keep us in tip-top shape for a long time to come.

What is KnowCap?

A new way to invest in startups

We built our organization on the premise that too many talented, ambitious founders are overlooked because they simply don’t know the right people. That’s crazy. Some of the founders we have backed would easily have raised $4–7M in this current fundraising climate had they graduated from the right school or worked at the right. company. Ourselves included. With what we have accomplished with only $55,000 raised…we believe we are worth way more than the next great form builder startup.

KnowCap has the loudly stated goal to replace the need for a Friends and Family round. If founders don’t have access to those connections, they can come to KnowCap. What sets us apart is that we cut out the middleman. Instead of taking the money, you raise and then trying to hire, recruit, evaluate service providers to help you build out your company…we just give you access to those experts. You just pay them in equity or future revenues.

No need to fundraise. No need to find a brand shop, a marketing agency, and a product development studio…we have it all in-house (plus some other offerings as well).

A nonprofit masquerading as a unicorn startup

The way we look at our mission is that we want to create jobs. Those jobs spur economic development in the community which kicks off a flywheel of innovation within a region.

We saw what was happening (80% of VC is trapped in four states) and thought, “what if we brought Silicon Valley to the overlooked communities?” How would we do it? We would build an incredibly dense network of talented entrepreneurs and allow investors to either invest in our organization as a type of Startup mutual fund, or they could pay us for our differentiated deal flow?

Either way, they would be coming to us in order to get better deals. In a way, the current fundraising climate with Tiger, Coatue, and SoftBank eating everyone’s lunch is. great for us. It means that investors are in search of some sense of pricing normalcy within their deals. We offer that.

By bringing outside capital to overlooked communities we can fulfill our vision of creating those aforementioned jobs — where hopefully some of those employees will turn around and start their own companies with KnowCap.

A company that will change entrepreneurship globally

As a company, we have much more aspirations beyond focusing on the United States. We want to own a layer of the entire economy — where people first have their ideas. When it’s all said and done, anyone with an idea shouldn’t even think about shelving it. They know that they have a Startup Engine ready for them in KnowCap.

When we are looking at next year, it will be centered around expanding our mission so that it’s not just within the privilege of western culture. Obviously, this requires adapting our own ops infrastructure, but technology breakthroughs like Starlink aiming to provide low-latency broadband to the world via satellites.

The upcoming breakthroughs will continue to expand the market, the same way that no code has allowed us to target a wider array of founders and ideas to invest in. Some of these breakthroughs will be identified in our upcoming announcements — but let’s just say the world is opening up.

Why the drama?

We’re fundraising

Like what was mentioned above, it is very difficult to raise funding without the right connections. We are in the midst of it now and it’s as much of a slog as it ever was. Sure we have more traction, more partners, a model that could end up with us growing our portfolio by $25M each year…and one of the best ways to invest in a geographic region (including municipal bonds) ever invented. None of these things helps us when it comes to getting more capital to scale faster. We don’t have the right connections.

Our goal with this new series of announcements is to see if one (or the combination of them all) will pique the interest of capital allocators. If you are accredited and interested in learning more about KnowCap. We created an interactive investor experience called KI². You can click on this link to learn more and register as an interested party.

We want to know people to know what we’re building towards

Our mission is deep, expansive, and rich. It requires detailed analysis and high-level strategic thought. As such, it has many moving parts that make of its components, and an infrastructure that always needs to be retooled with modern rails.

Due to all of the pieces that make up KnowCap, we want to try the same strategy as with KI²…”how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.”

By breaking our roadmap into bite-sized pieces, we can create a following around each announcement. These announcements together make up what we’ll execute in 2022. Each one will have its own landing/interest page to track new partners, investors, and potential team members.

We are proud to have come this far, but it is clearly not enough. We have so much more to do and we want to bring people into our thought processes with each and every new intuitive launching next year.

Want to show what’s possible with a shoestring budget

This is also tangentially tied to fundraising. To put it simply, we want to show investors that pass on us a scoreboard. So that as we check things off…systematically and ruthlessly…we can point back to this season of sharing and tie right into why it’ll be 2–3X more expensive to invest in us during Q4 of 2022.

Welcome to the season of sharing.



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