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Blockchain revamping the banking methods

Originated in 2008, the blockchain technology has demonstrated the change that it can bring in various industries. The technology, even in its earliest stages, has the potential to grab the attention of multiple businesses. A different feature of Blockchain, for example, decentralization, transparency and immutable nature make it engaging for business areas and spaces the whole way across the world. One such industry that is driving the route in investigating the capability of Blockchain is the banking and finance industry.

Although there are a few detours in the way at present, it very well may be most likely said that Blockchain holds the possibility to change the banking and finance world. As indicated by a PwC report, 24% of monetary officials from all around the globe know about blockchain innovation, with North Americans essentially more recognizable than those from different regions. So, the organizations are discovering the methods for applying Blockchain in various areas.

Speaking explicitly about the banking and account part, a considerable number of assets are by and large routinely exchanged starting with one district of the world then onto the next inside every day. This makes the worldwide money related framework a standout amongst the most mainstream areas that could be profited through the use of Blockchain. The banking and account segment is inclined to blunders and fakes that would prompt an injured money-management system. As indicated by Global Fintech Report 2017, 77% of Fintech organizations hope to embrace Blockchain as a component of an in the production system or procedure by 2020.

Examples of Some Banks Using Blockchain

Although the word blockchain was dealt with warily by banks and money related foundations at the beginning of its selection, the story has changed at this point. With the accomplishment of Blockchain in different ventures, the commercial segment is effectively looking for new regions and uses of the Blockchain innovation.

Big names like JP Morgan Chase have dedicatedly set their trust future on of Blockchain innovation. The American global venture bank headquartered in New York City has begun another division called the Quorum division explicitly for research and usage of Blockchain innovation. The majority is a circulated record and savvy contract stage for ventures that underpins expedient exchanges and throughput tending to difficulties for the fund business, banks, and past. As indicated by assets, they have just issued a yearly store declaration dependent on a dispersed library with a variable rate.

Other than these, a noteworthy US bank, Bank of America has recorded a patent report which was distributed by the US Patent and Trademark Office. The report discusses the usage of a permission blockchain for verifying records just as confirming business and individual information.

The framework would enable just approved members to get to the information and keep a log of all the logging sections. Also, the proposed structure will use blockchain innovation to consolidate different existing information stockpiling stages into one. This single protected system will build general proficiency and lessen the number of capacity areas of the client’s information.

Another name in the line is Goldman Sachs, who is effectively engaged with research and backing of the circulated library innovation. They have put resources into a digital currency venture called Circle. The undertaking is considered as a standout amongst the most all-around subsidized new companies in the blockchain space. It intends to take care of the critical issue of instability in the digital cash space hence, making the account segment increasingly solid with digital choices.

Support such a prominent undertaking, Goldman Sachs bunch means to turn into the pioneer in digital money selection among their Wall Street rivals. They are additionally setting up their digital coin exchanging work area that will only deal with their digital exchanging.

Uses of Blockchain in Finance

With rising use cases as time passes, the blockchain innovation can disturb the banking and fund segment of current occasions. A couple of manners by which Blockchain can change the present substance of the financial business are as per the following:


By establishing a decentralized ledger for payments within the banking system, blockchain technology could facilitate faster payments at lower fees.

Clearance and settlement systems

Distributed ledgers technology can reduce operational costs and bring us closer to real-time transactions between financial intermediaries, thus expediting the settlement process.


By tokenizing traditional securities such as stocks, bonds and other investments — and placing them on public blockchains — blockchain technology could create a more efficient, interoperable financial markets.

Trade Finance

Trade finance is mostly carried out on paper, such as a bill of lading or letter of credit being exchanged all around the world. By replacing the cumbersome, paper-heavy bills of lading process in the trade finance industry, blockchain technology can bring more transparency, security, and trust among x globally traded parties.

Know Your Customer: KYC

Know Your Customer (KYC)

The raising concern within banks and financial institutions are about the increasing costs that they have to bear in order to comply with AML and KYC norms, i.e., Anti-money Laundering and Know Your Customer. All these processes are lengthy and have to be performed individually by all finance-based institutions. With the implementation of Blockchain, the independent verification of each customer or clients by one bank or financial institutions would be accessible for other banks that can be utilized, so that the KYC process doesn’t have to be restarted again to save time and cost.

Why Blockchain for Banking?

The present-day banking frameworks are very reliable on paper and outworn process. The need of the hour is to have an updated framework installed with trustworthy and reliable technology that could withstand frauds and security issues. The blockchain technology and its decentralized nature can give stability for which banks are seeking for.

Banks can’t be named as autonomously working independent elements as any exchanges made through them despite everything include go-betweens. Also, the rate through which cash is exchanged on a global scale can, in any case, take as long as five days alongside involving risks. With a blockchain framework set up, banks would most likely make exchanges genuinely fast without accepting the weight of risk as the frame would act naturally adequate to determine everything all alone.

The world is going digital, and with this advancement, even little exchanges and installments are going on digitally. The economic activity rate is expanding, and there’s no uncertainty in expecting that the price will keep increasing in the coming days. The blockchain technology will make transaction duration shorter and quick alongside lowering the charge.

Money related administrations other than banks are continually developing their frameworks with the guide of the most recent innovation to verify the business sectors by giving monetarily accessible administrations at less expensive rates. Banking and other money-related organizations should anticipate the appropriation of new blockchain innovation excessively to verify their place in the biological system.

Difficulties in Adoption

Blockchain beyond any doubt has its focal points as far as adoption is concerned and a few obstacles alongside which should be considered before making any decision while implementing Blockchain.


It can be summarized that it is early days for banking and finance institutions to go mainstream in blockchain adoption with about three-quarters either involved in developing a proof-of-concept, formulating their blockchain strategy, or just beginning to look into it.

The blockchain adoption in the banking and financial sector will make the current system more transparent, easy to access, reliable and also solve a lot of problems that lie in the existing policy.

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