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The Hottest NFT Trend that’s Happening right now

NFT keeps going, with a plethora of new NFT projects and trends making headlines. Here are the hottest trends in the NFT industry that are interesting to watch.

NFT Gaming: Axie Infinity,

No “hottest NFT trend” would be complete without mentioning NFT gaming. Ethereum-based Axie Infinity has quickly become the most prominent and successful crypto game, amassing more than $1.6 billion in NFT transaction volume since June.

This is more than any other single NFT collection or project. Even with a minimum total purchase fee of several hundred dollars worth of ETH, that hasn’t stopped the game from soaring. Axie now has more than one million daily active users.

Art Blocks

Believe it or not, a blockchain can hold tokens that represent the deed of ownership for a work of art and create the artwork itself.

That is the premise of the burgeoning generative artwork NFT market. Where scripts or algorithms stored on the blockchain generate unique original artwork during the printing process. Art Blocks is by far the biggest player in space.

Ethereum-based initiatives cover a wide range of individual works by various artists. They cover a wide variety of artwork styles and approaches. Almost all of them are surging in recent times.

Art Blocks saw $583 million worth of trading volume in August alone.

Collective World Building: Loot

This is a trend currently being spearheaded by one project, but it already has a huge impact. Loot is an NFT-driven project from Dom Hofmann.

This is a series of lists of fictional fantasy world weapons and equipment. There is no artwork or direction, and no company or creative force dictates its use.

Hofmann released this list to the world (free of charge) as a prompt in late August. The community has responded by developing various tools, derivative projects, guilds, and other initiatives to perfect something more.

The high-demand Loot NFT list sold for $954,000 and has already earned $159 million in trading volume for the 8,000 NFT set.

Those are the various NFT trends that are still being discussed in the industry until now. With various advancements and increasing popularity, this NFT trend is also predicted to change over time.

Shareable NFT

Shareable NFTs have been around for a few months, but they have become popular in recent days. These NFTs can be split into parts, making them less expensive.

Many crypto users are now gathering together in decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) that specialize in buying NFTs, in gaining exposure to this new asset class.

However, shareable NFTs pose another problem. According to SEC Commissioner Hester Pierce, shared NFTs are similar to unlisted securities products.

“Fractionalization allows more people to own a share of the investment pie. However, companies offering fractional NFTs to any investor may not be aware of the regulatory implications of doing so,” said Philipp Pieper, co-founder of Swarm Markets.



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