Intro to Fabrication: Enclosures

I really liked the look of the vintage/analog electronics that were shown on the slides, and decided to model mine after a radio like this.

The vector designs for laser cutting

The back panel was modeled after this photo:

For the front, I had a speaker grill dominating the left side of the panel, and on the right, 5 switches along with 2 potentiometers.

Materials before assembly

The box itself was from Amazon, and was a planter box:

Making sure the laser cut holes will fit the hardware

I needed some way to anchor the hardware so that users could play around with them. I grabbed a piece of cardboard and pushed the pieces through. This ended up working pretty darn well.

All put together, the front panel doesn’t quite fit — theres gaps on the top and bottom.

Newly cut border to the rescue:

Next step was to glue the paper and frames down to the box

Haphazard glue job to make sure the hardware withstands the clumsy hands of users!




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