A Few Thoughts About Knowledge

Pro(ductivity) Tip# 64

Sharing knowledge is improved when we create a consistent method and standard by which we organize our thoughts and ideas.

Code Knowledge

The codification scheme we use can help increase the useability of shared knowledge. Codification leads to consistency and consistency leads to ease of use. The goal after all is to put knowledge into play in a manner that improved performance.

When we use a standard format or template to create documents we codify information in a consistent way.

It’s also important that we preserve the context of when knowledge is to be used to help people discern when a behavior is appropriate. Letting someone know the appropriate circumstances in which a certain insight should be used is valuable.

Build Relationships

Everything there is to know is known by someone. To refine our collective knowledge we must cultivate and preserve the relationships that help knowledge flow. A enabler to this cultivation is finding opportunities to bring people together to socialize and share insight.

It is important that time is dedicated to building relationships. Relationships help to establish trust and the willingness to share. Sometimes this can be overlooked when one operates from a perspective that knowledge exists outside of the realm of human interaction. Knowledge is not truly knowledge until it is validated through engagement with the world.

Relationships streamline this engagement and help us validate what we learn.

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