Good Things Come to Those Who Act

Pro(ductivity) Tip# 6

“Action expresses priorities”.

- Ghandi

Taking action is a foundation of personal growth. As we seek growth and strive to cultivate healthy states of mind we must never lose sight that taking action is the glue that will bring our efforts together.

Action strengthens belief

Action is an expression of belief. Moving forward on our ideas helps us grow in our conviction. With every step we take forward we become more confident. Our conviction in the soundness of our belief is strengthened once we begin to move on our ideas and use them in our interactions with the world.

Action nurtures learning

Yes we will evolve our understanding as we interact with the world around. This does not weaken our beliefs but helps us evolve to a deeper understanding regarding them. Which brings me to my second point. Action nurtures learning.

Implementing ideas challenges us to navigate circumstances and contingency. Ultimately we are compelled to view things from multiple perspectives and as a result learn.


  • Plan for Action: Identify small opportunities to implement ideas early. Don’t wait for a perfect plan to get moving.
  • Plan to Iterate: Establish a plan to modify your approach and act on your learning. Put in place regular times to reflect and review. Evolution happens when you integrate insight.
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