You Can Achieve Anything When You Break Down Your Work

Pro(ductivity) Tip# 59

There are so many activities that we find come across our paths. If we want to achieve anything we have to be able to manage our time and activities effectively. There is a bit of project management in achieving a desired outcome. We have to be able to marshal resources and plan our activities in an effective way.

Part of the problem in not achieving our desired outcome is that we do not fully detail what it will take for us to achieve a desired outcome. We either articulate our work in broad strokes clouded by ambiguity or we define steps that are so large that we end up biting of more than we can chew.

We would be much better served to be more detailed in creating a mind sweep of all the actions that must be taken to accomplish a goal. We should break our tasks down to the action level being as specific as possible. David Allen author of the book Getting Things Done advocates that we do all of our thinking in advance, so when it is time for action we can simply ACT.

If we are unclear about what and how we should be doing our work, we spend more time figuring out the nuances of what we should do instead of actually doing them.

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