Co-Founders Of Tomorrow: The Secret Sauce

Let me paint a picture for you: you’re in bed…your alarm rings at 7:00am…you wake up and turn it off…get up…do your morning workout to get energized for the day…then, go take a shower…and now, time for breakfast…take out food from the fridge…put some bread in the toaster…get some coffee from the coffeemaker (or maybe you’ll get some later on your way to work)…then, you get dressed and take your car or the subway to work.

Now, imagine if you lived in a prehistoric world! How would your day begin?!

Our lives have become so much luxurious and efficient thanks to centuries upon centuries of discovery, invention, and innovation.

A significant share of the legacy of mankind, our global civilization, since the very beginning to this day and age is attributed to those who saw the opportunities for life to become better in the problems faced by their societies…Entrepreneurs!

Entrepreneurship is almost as old as the human race; it may have existed in different forms than it is as we know it today, or had been defined by different terminologies throughout the ages, but in one way or another, it has been there all along, fueled by the curiosity, the creativity, and the vision of great people who took it upon themselves to embark on a never-ending quest to make life better for themselves and their societies.

We’re here today to take you on a journey with the most illustrious figures of this world of greatness throughout the history of humanity, to know their stories, learn from their struggles, and glimpse the rays of light they shed on our world, hoping that you, and all of us, could find inspiration in their quest for glory.

We believe that success and innovation are a heritage that should be passed on from one generation to the next; a legacy that must be studied carefully to be kept alive; a chain of evolution that keeps on growing and conquering new challenges by seeking wisdom from the victories of the past and the present.

Introducing to you “Co-Founders Of Tomorrow: The Secret Sauce”; a series of stories exclusive on Knowledge Officer where we will travel together, each week, through the life of one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of our world, highlighting the most impactful landmarks and turning points along its course, one day at a time, to see how those individuals managed to become the titans we know them to be today, and how they truly laid down the foundation for a much better world in the future, and then we will conclude with the most important lessons distilled from their journey at the end of the week, in an attempt to identify the secret ingredient or DNA — if you will — of a successful entrepreneur, to inspire you — the young entrepreneurs, and encourage you to pave your way towards greatness and join these eternal heroes, and truly become among the Co-Founders Of Tomorrow.

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