biohacking & grandma´s knowledge

putting together high tech, data collection & analysis, and old family knowledge

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With all the available tech today, it is possible to collect data on everything: sleep, eating habits, poop, pee, heart rate, breathing patterns…you name it and there is a tech gadget or an app that can help you to collect data on it.

The question that comes after is…what to do with all the data?

My answer is simple: use these data to be a better version of yourself.

The tricky part is: don´t drown in the data!

Photo by Drew Dau on Unsplash

The curious thing for me is that some of these data and some of the biohacking tips & tricks are very related to knowledge my grandma had, things like, “know what you eat and what to eat”, “drink more water and check your pee color”, “cold water is better for your body than a hot shower” … things that I think most people heard from their grandma.

Please, don´t get me wrong! I really like biohacking, I´m studying to understand better my body and how to be my best version, especially through self-experimentation and science, but I think that some of this knowledge was already known by some of our ancestors (and we probably didn´t listen to them).

I still believe my grandma was a biohacker without knowing it. She did a lot of self-experimentation with food and her glycose levels (she has diabetes), and she lived until 90 years old, passing away peacefully at home.

Of course, the advances in the tech world, the availability of tech to more people, the price drops in tech gadgets…all these variables influenced the adoption and increase in the number of biohacking based on tech.

Don´t forget that you can also track all these with food diaries and activity books and you don´t need all the gadgets…(at least for the basic data collection).

Photo by John Arano on Unsplash

It does make me happy to see the increase in the number of people looking for biohacking tips & tricks, gadgets for data collection & analysis…because this shows that we as individuals are looking for ways to be better versions of ourselves and to improve our bodies' performance.

And I honestly hope we all have success!



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