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Help Us Design Knowledge for PolicyMakers

Principal K4P content types & services mapped against the Linked Knowledge Pyramid - Evidence-based policymaking: a story emerges from audience research

Who are we looking for?

If you recognise yourself, give us an hour of your time

  • PolicyMakers: policy decision-makers at European, national and regional level — principally senior civil servants and politicians
  • PolicyAssistants: their staff, who digest large volumes of material to present PolicyMakers with syntheses, choices and recommendations
  • Civil Society, Lobbyists, NGOs, etc., who aim to influence the above two.

How will we be testing?

help us better meet the needs of users like you

What will we be testing?

The new KS Landing Page and Feature Topic designs we are testing aim to make the information and data in the knowledgebase more accessible to policymakers and advisors.

Knowledge Service Landing Pages

  • each KS has its own specialised taxonomy to provide the granularity scientists need to manage and synthesis knowledge for policymaking (more: Taxonomic Architecture)
  • in the future we’ll develop community features to crowdsource knowledge, and all communities need somewhere to call home.

Today’s designs reflect their origins: scientists, presenting knowledge to other scientists

Featured Topics

  • a flexible, manually edited Body, used to highlight key Knowledge & Wisdom for policymakers: syntheses, briefings, data visualisations, etc.
  • a dynamic search result: each Topic is also a term in the KS’ local taxonomy, so the Topic can present a dynamically updated, searchable list of the Information and Data underpinning the above syntheses.

Topics allow users to dig from Knowledge and Wisdom down into the underlying Information and Data.

Data visualisations

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Building the EU Commission’s platform for evidence-based policymaking

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