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I get asked a lot to explain what it is that we’re working on at That conversation usually takes a little while until the person fully gets how our ecosystem fits together and begins to understand how it all works. This week I’ll be explaining it in 7 mins to thousands of people at The North American Bitcoin Conference.

Steve Englander, Co-founder & Chief Product, on the main stage bringing Knowledge to the world at The North American Bitcoin Conference #TNABC in Miami - January 18, 2018

It goes something like this…

We’re building decentralized versions of Google Adwords in ad tech, Amazon in ecommerce, Udemy in education, and LinkedIn in employment, by asking people Questions & Answers and scoring how much people know or don’t know about topics — and putting it all on a blockchain.

In doing so, we decentralize the economic models that power the internet, advertising and ecommerce, because the revenue that normally goes to a centralized corporation running the ad platform is instead distributed proportionally to the publishers of content and their users/visitors.

People earn KNW tokens for answering questions correctly, and experts emerge who earn higher rewards. In the Consumer Marketplace, we make finding the best products easy with Knowledge Stars (proven experts) who rate and review them, and produce videos like influencers do on YouTube.

Publishers earn KNW tokens for the users who share knowledge while using their platforms.

Our rewards mechanism is an analog to pool mining. Publishers are like pools, and their users/visitors are like the individual miners on the pool. Rewards are issued proportionally based on the individual’s contribution and the publisher earns tokens for operating the website, app or platform.

We also make messaging from advertisers more relevant to the knowledge level a person has about topics related to the advertiser’s products and services. This has never been done before in the history of all marketing.

Additionally, we solve what is expected to be a $50 billion ad tech bot fraud problem.

In education, we’re assembling the largest Question & Answer repository on every topic taught in every school, at every level of education, in every specialization, in every language on the planet.

We help schools, teachers and parents track and measure the knowledge of their students and children on the subjects they’re learning.

We make higher education and achieving advanced degrees more economically viable to those who overachieve by rewarding students with KNW tokens for approximately 10 years of their early education.

In employment, we make messaging between employers and potential candidates more relevant and on target because we’ve measured that person’s amount of skill for the job. And we continue to measure it, making corporate rewards and employee training fun, rewarding and more useful.

At the heart of what we’re doing is the decentralization of the economic models that power the internet. No centralized entity is earning massive revenues as it’s all shared among the participants within the ecosystem based on their contributions, unlike the systems today that aggregate all of the revenue under one or a few centralized giants. Centralized systems are prone to top down rule-making, rules which can change and are not necessarily in the interests of whom these systems are meant to serve. These rules can be subjective, and often the groups that set the rules are exempt from following the rules themselves.

At we’re working to decentralize these systems using the blockchain and the crypto rewards mechanism to fulfill it’s true purpose and create competition and free markets where everyone is rewarded for their contributions to the community.

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