When “freedom” is your enemy

The idea that there are those proposing we must kill young men who had no choice to be deluded by extreme religion is disturbing.

I’m quickly giving up on the human race. As warm and comforting as even I would agree it feels, +Barack Obamas own deluded hope and misplaced optimism seems like folly. We are children playing with guns. The only hope is that we don’t accidentally kill off our own species, and/or prevent the evolution of future ones.

When “freedom” of religion & parental “rights” come at the cost of a known and inevitable never-ending extremism, then your supposed “freedom” comes at an extremely high price. This is when the false notion of an obtainable freedom becomes a religion itself, they are one in the same.

ISIS is not really the young men in the desert, it’s the future parents of future young men. This is why we’re not mature enough to discuss a tangible strategy for dealing with ISIS, because we are gimped by a political correctness which is slave to theism.

As soon as you kill off these products of “freedom” because you lack the intelligence to incorporate them, you immediately invalidate your own notion, the notion that “freedom” actually works or exists. Regrettably, one must then admit that while it may at least appear to work for a majority (if only a delusion), in truth there has never been a single instance of real freedom in the history of mankind.

The real enemy is the ignorance the concludes freedom ever existed.

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