0xCert Collaboration & ‘Creative Challenge’

We have been recently approached by the guys at 0xCert with a really interesting collaboration.

They asked if we (Knownorigin.io) would like to partner with them to promote artists on the blockchain and the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) at the up coming NIFTY conference + Hackathon in Hong Kong.

The challenge

The concept was simple, can we challenge our artists to create a unique design for a T-shirt give away?

The invitation to the artists

The deadline

The deadline was tight & from the start we said that this challenge would be a contra-deal (so no money would be exchanged) however in return 0xCert would promote the artist, knownorigin.io and get the designs printed on to T-shirt to be given away at the event.

The response

We had a great response from our community, the submission(s) came flying in. By the deadline (11th July) we had ten ultraRare (1 of 1) designs by 5 artist. These artists include Hackatao, Massimo, Oficinas Tk, CoinJournal & Aktiv Protesk. All of the designs will be available as digital assets on the KnownOrigin.io marketplace during the event (24 July).

The event & partnership

The NIFTY conference + Hackathon is set to be one of the first blockchain hackathon event in Asia. NIFTY is a 2 day event (July 24–26) with over 25 speakers, 5 hackathon workshops and an expected 1000+ attendees. Having the opportunity to collaborate with 0xCert and have a presence at the event is massive plus for us. We are super excited to see how the T-shirt give away goes and working with 0xCert on future collaborations.

Here are a sample of the designs submitted

Tempo by Aktiv Protesk
Pebbles by Oficinas TK

To view all the designs and more digital art go to www.KnownOrigin.io

To find out more about 0xCert go to https://0xcert.org/

To get get tickets for NIFTY conference & Hackathon go to https://www.nifty.gg

Follow KnownOrigin.io on twitter and join our Telegram group @KnownOrigin_io


Digital arts using the power of blockchain tech

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