Customising profiles & image loading improvements

The latest additions to the KnownOrigin platform

This week the KnownOrigin team have been focusing on three new features, of which two have gone live over the weekend.

Lazy Image Loading

Firstly, we know the main marketplace needs a performance boost after we have grown at a rapid pace over the recent months. After looking at the how to attack this we made our first move by adding lazy image loading. Now, when browsing the site we only load the images when they come into view. This is the first part in a series of improvements which we have in the pipeline to improve both the performance and to improve how we surface artworks listed on the site.

For anyone who is interested in how this works our implementation utilises the Intersection Observer API plus some polyfills for browsers which don’t support it yet. We will be monitoring how this performs but at present we are happy with it and hope others will be.

Profile Customisation

Secondly, we have taken another step forward towards streamlining and improving the artists and artwork onboarding process by introducing customisable artist profiles. This gives us a way to interface with artists on the platform and allows them to configure their information that we display about them.

Sticking to our core decentralised principles we are again utilising off-chain transaction signing to prove ownership of an Ethereum address; the single piece of mandatory artist data. Rejecting traditional web 2.0 style login and logout flows we are keen to promote new web 3.0 practices and utilise its features wherever possible.

When an artist navigates to their own artist page on KnownOrigin they will see a new tab Profile — this presents them with the ability to customise all of the public facing attributes about themselves on the platform as well as uploading a new image which will be hosted on IPFS.

Although this is an experimental feature on the platform and we hope that this workflow will lay the foundations for further enhancements which will give more control to the people who really bring value to the platform: the creatives and artists.

We are maintaining the Ethereum address == Identity pattern in the same vein as the high-res download feature and the ability to purchase artworks with just an unlocked Ethereum wallet (and nothing else!)

Whats next?

Along with the techie stuff above we have been working with the Radi.Card ‘Holiday Season Project', a non-profit charitable Christmas NFT project in collaboration with various other NFT focused startups and projects. More information will be released soon.

Also check out the latest Meet the artist with Oficinas TK to learn more about some of the talent we have on the site.

We are always working hard on ways to improve how and what we surface when a user first lands on the site, knowing this can make or break the user experience. Behind the scenes we are experimenting and researching options to make this better.

If you have any more feedback please reach out to us on our telegram channel or twitter @knownorigin_io account and let us know what you think.

Peace out 🎨… KO Team


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