DevCon iv + NFT collaboration

How a simple telegram message turned in to a DevCon iv + Collaboration,

We ( are a ethereum art platform & have recently collaborated with DevCon iv, the event and hackathon in Prague. This venture began with a message from Amy Jung on #ArtProject Decentralized telegram, reaching out to the creative community.

We responded and we were keen to get involved. This was a great way to promote artists and digital art on the blockchain. This collaboration also highlighted the potential of non-fungible assets to the attendees at the first ever DevCon UX award.

A call out to artists

Telegram comms

Non-fungible tokens are a special type of token which represents something unique. The most popular examples of these tokens are CryptoKitties. Each item or artwork is unique from the other.

Delivery the collab and beyond!

After the original message from Amy Jung, she reached out to directly (via PM) , we set a challenge for artists to come up with a unique design for the UX awards ceremony. The winner would receive one of the chosen rare design by Martin Lukas Ostachowski and the DevCon attendees could claim one of the other NTF designs for free. The artists saw this giveaway as the perfect opportunity to get their work to the DevCon audience.

MailChimp campaign

The deadline for submissions was tight (48 hour turnaround), this put the pressure on!!. However, artists managed to submit entries and by the deadline, We had received 8 unique pieces from seven artists.

The artists included CoinJournal, Cryp_to_Art, PelfSollution, HEX0x6C, Brandi Kyle, Oficinas TK, CoinJournal and Martin Lukas Ostachowski. We kicked this off with a ‘Creative Challenge’ this is a contra deal with DevCon, which means money is not involved, instead DevCon promote and the artists at the event. Besides that, they will also displayed the ultra rare design by Martin Lukas Ostachowski to the winner of the UX awards as part of the final ceremony.

CryptoKaiju by CoinJournal
Moiré by Oficinas TK
DC.IV❤KO by Brandi Kyle
ethereum rising by Cryp_to_Art
NFT-DevConIV by PelfSollution
DevCon Mirror — Take #1 by HEX0x6C

About DevCon iv

DevCon iv Hackathon & conference take place from 29 Oct to 2 Nov 2018. Their mission is

“We at the Ethereum Foundation host Devcon to educate and empower our community to build decentralized applications, and to bring Ethereum protocols, tools, and culture to the world.”

The conference was focused at bringing together builders, designers, UX researchers, engineers, and the art community. During the conference and hackathon, Some of the notable attendees where Benny Giang, who is a co-founder of cryptokitties, Yiyi He, the cofounders of Mix Marvel, Pete Kim the head of engineering at Coinbase, Jure Zih, the CEO of OxCert who we have done a similar collaboration with back in July 2018, let not forget Vitalk moment on stage singing with Jonathan Mann creator of SongAday project.

Giving away art!

During the conference and hackathon we promoted the giveaway via twitter and various telegram channels this led to a big spike in transactions. We saw a particular trend for Moire by Oficinas TK as all 25 editions were snapped up with in hours of going live. The trend continued with more rare editions by Cryp_to_Art, PelfSollution, HEX0x6C, Brandi Kyle, Oficinas TK, CoinJournal being claimed. Word was spreading through the areas and now more people wanted these unique NFTs.

We have less than 5 DevCon editions left via the gallery, and this testament to the appetite for the design our artists produced. The guys at DevCon iv finished the event with the first ever UX Awards and got a massive shout out alongside the ultra rare nft created by martin O that was presented to the overall Winners.

UX18 Award Martin Lukas Ostachowski

There’s lots of excitement surrounding the digital art space at the moment and we are really proud to be playing a small part in getting recognition for the artists and raising awareness of non-fungible tokens as artwork to a wider audience.

Being a small team with tight budget we see huge benefits to participating with things like DevCon, even if we can’t make it to the event ourselves. Hopefully the whole NFT space gains from collaborating on such things as we strive to push exposure of the artists who put in hard work and the NFT scene in general. We hope to make it to DevCon next year and we will be trying out further collaboration with other events around the world in the meantime.

GA Stats during the event

Google Analytics —

Another piece of what we hoped to achieve it to increase the number of holders of KODA artworks. Freebies and giveaways further our goal for Artist promotion, KODA exposure and placing NFTs in willing participants wallets.

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