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96 hours in Berlin (pt 3.)

The final day of ETH Berlin was upon me and the hackathon had drown to a close. I found myself heading back to WestBerlin coffee shop in the morning (9:45am). This place is a great place to gather your thoughts and plan your day.

Its was the last day of the Hackathon and judging was going to get underway, I had not been involved with any of the teams so I thought I would take the opportunity to see more of this awesome city.

What’s the plan…

I got a top tip from Franky Aguilar the day before about ‘Lime bikes’ he said “screw the trams and just download the lime app and cycle everywhere” So thats what I did…

First stop: Hamburger Bahnhof — contemporary Arts Musuem; I was keen to head over to the other side of Berlin and check out this gallery. The collection of contemporary arts is world class and a must see.

The ride from Check point charlie down past the Bundeskanzleramt, the Reichstag building was great, cycling around the waterside showed me a completely different side of Berlin.

The Hamburger Bahnhof venue is beautiful. I spent an hour walking around the collection and getting my fix of arts & culture. This trip has sparked a new research project for me. An artist Joseph Beuys captured my imagination, his theories, approach and works bear a striking parallel to the decentralised movement. His lectures /performance art was inspiration.

Next stop: AlexanderPlatz; I jumped back on the Lime Bike and heading to AlexanderPlatz to me Tobia De Angelis from CryptoDecks again. We arranged to catch up again before I headed back to the UK. On route I pulled over and grab a coffee at Microsoft cafe. This quick stop gave me enough time to recharge my phone and take a quick rest.

I made it to the meeting with Tobia in one piece, (the road can get pretty crazy) we spent some time chatting about ‘what next’ for and how we could help each other out going forward. I will be reaching out to Tobia in the coming weeks as he has great advise on ‘how to scale a start-up’, ‘customer acquisition forecasting’ and ‘What makes a good pitch for funding’. Having someone like Tobia to bounce idea off & gather insights from is awesome.

Next stop: Berlin Republic; I hopped back on the lime Bike and headed to one of Berlin’s famous beer gardens. This place (Berlin Republic) was recommended to me by a fellow ETH Berlin attendee he described a unique outdoor space with a big red bus at one end and he was not wrong. I found myself cycling across Alexander Platz and toward the dual carriage way, with in 10 minutes I was in a new part of Berlin and at the venue. This place had a great choice of craft beers and it give me sometime to reflect on my time in Berlin.

The sun was starting to go down and my time at ETH Berlin was drawing to an end. I had given myself just enough time to get back to the my hotel and get an UBER for the airport. However on route I saw an opportunity to take one last picture and capture a lasting moment of the wonderful city. The Brandenburg Gate. I will finish the series of articles with that. We will be back soon to explore more of Berlin and to showcase more of KnownOrigin’s artists.

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Big love… KO Team


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