ETH Berlin +

96 hours in Berlin part 1. Co-founder David Moore

I touched down in Berlin Schoenefeld airport 9:40 (cest) to begin my ETH Berlin adventure! Armed with one small bag, a laptop & big ambitions I followed the crowds to the train station to get to my first meeting. I pre-arranged a couple of meetings before the trip so I was keen to get straight to it.

First stop; Alexander Platz. A catch up with Tobia De Angelis from CryptoDecks. Our teams have been helping each other out and sharing some goals/knowledge. ETH Berlin was the perfect time to meet face-to-face.

We found ourselves in ‘Follows Coffee’ house talking about a whole range of topics from the potential of physical objects on the Blockchain and how ‘Art follows Science, then fashion follows art. Could this same cycle happen in this space. We spent some time taking about what was next for and & how the landscape is moving so quickly. Getting the chance to catch up with Tobia was a great way to start my Berlin visit.

It felt like my Berlin adventure had begun,

Next stop; Factory Berlin — (ETH Berlin day 1 venue). After a couple of trams and a short Uber ride I arrived; the venue (like the name would suggest) is an old factory converted in to co-working space, perfect for this type of event.

The place was packed, I made it just in time for Berlin based, CEO — Gnosis’ ‘Martin Köppelmann talk on “We’re all in: committed to a decentralized future” I would recommend following Martin on twitter @koeppelmann

Martin Köppelmann — CEO — Gnosis

The buzz in the room was great; next up was Richard Burton Community Encouragement Officer at @Balance_io . Richard talked about his time at Stripe and other platforms, but focused on how this new movement is about social and economic change too. We have the potential to create a fair economy using blockchain technology. I would also recommend following Richard on twitter @ricburton

The break for lunch; mmmmmmmm!

First demo of the day: The venue had some great break out spaces which were perfect for my first platform demo to the guys from . Myself & Peter Mitchell CEO & Co-founder sat & discussed how Everydapp will be a main discovery platform for new users to the dApp & crypto space.

They have a great team and a super clear vision; after a couple of minutes you can see how switched on Peter is, he is a tech savy entrepreneur. is currently featured on landing page as Peter feels we are a great example of the level of products they wish to feature. I spoke to Peter about some of the other product lines our team are working on and some of the other partnerships we have in the pipeline, he seemed genuinely excited for us.

Great platform, great guy. Another one to add to your follow list.@everydapp

Mad dash; Factory Berlin -to- Distrikt Coffee

Second demo: Before arriving in Berlin I found a couple of places that I could meet people and demo our dapp. Distrikt Coffee was a great place to meet with Grzegorz Kapkowski — CEO of Tok N Talk. I hot footed it from Factory Berlin to Distrikt coffee so I could talk to Grzegorz about potential partnerships and how we can help develop our services further. has a super active community of artists, collectors and tech guys and Tok N Talk have a top messaging platform so the cross over of share goals was clear. Check out the different communities and join Tok n Talk

Meeting Franky,

Final demo; The great part about Co-founding an Arts platform is the chance to meet up with the artists involved. Franky Aguilar is a critically acclaimed artist and showcases some of his collections on — The venue of choice for this introduction was Soho House (private members club) so no pictures allowed.

This is one of Franky’s hang outs as he often works from different cities around the world and needs a space to create stuff. After a quick ‘hello’ we got stuck straight in to ‘how can we’ take KnownOrigin to the next level. Franky is super talented and super smart, he has not only submitted some of the best selling artwork on KnownOrigin he has also recently designed, built and deployed DOTwallet beta to iSO (via Test Flight) in a matter of weeks.

DOTwallet is one of the best crytpo wallets out there, this guy is top. After spending an hour with Franky I felt like we could conquer the world. Such a creative thinker and a major asset to have as an adviser for

Finishing the day with a call,

My meeting with Franky finished and we agreed to hook up before I flew back to the UK. But before leaving Soho House I had one more video call to make. Emre Tekisalp partnership manager from Coinbase Wallet reached out to us just before I left for Berlin, so we arranged for me to call in once I landed. I found a quite spot on the roof terrace and called Emre.

We talked briefly about our background and then went into a conversation about how we need to help educate, inspire and engage with new users. have created a series of Getting started guidesfor our collectors and artists so we can help them set-up coinbase, install Meta-mask and choose a wallet. These are the barrier to entry for any dApp platform.

We are keen to work with CoinBase Wallet to help raise the profile of and we always want to recommend the best wallets on the market to our new users.

It had been a long but amazing first day in Berlin. I met some great people and felt like we laid some good foundations for future partnerships. It was time for me to check in to my hotel and rest up for day 2 of ETH Berlin.
(To be continued…day 2)