ETHBerlin + KnownOrigin (Pt2.)

96 hours in Berlin part 2. Co-founder David Moore

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ETH Berlin — Day 2. 08/10/18

My day started with a run 8:45am (cest), I made my way to Potsdamer Platz Bahnhof (Financial district) just past Bhf Potsdamer Platz. Running gives me the chance to see way more of Berlin & helps me clear my head from the night before.

Setting up Camp (am)

First stop; I set up camp for the morning at a coffee place called West Berlin. This is one of the nicest coffee shops in Friedrichstraße 215, great books, great coffee and a welcoming atmosphere. I realised that I had not brought my business cards so I designed a digital one to share my contact details on the 2nd day at ETH Berlin.

West Berlin

New day means a new venue for ETH Berlin

With my new business card in my digital wallet I called an Uber and headed to the 2nd venue Factory Görlitzer Park for ETH Berlin. The new venue was split over a couple of large rooms, 2 court yards with large screens & an upper floors with a massive ball pits.

Factory Berlin Alt-Treptow
Floor 3, Ball pit

I registered and headed toward the main room, I saw a qeue so I joined it! (I’m British, it felt natural) , I found myself starting to chat to another attendee, it turned out to be Brittany Laughlin & we started to chat over our lunch.

This chance encounter turned in to a really valuable meet up. Brittany is an experienced VC and early investor in many well known companies. I shared our product vision and some of my experiences of previous pitches.

Brittany took the time to give me some pointers and insights on what potential investors maybe looking for. This is kind stuff is priceless. We parted ways and I shared my (newly designed) business card.

Berlin was blazzing!

The hackathon was in full swing! Their where lots of mini teams working all over the venue and they have been their throughout the night. It was time for the first workshop 14:45 — ‘UX workshop — Golem & Friends’ the guys from Golem.

Their shared their design approach (discover, define, build, test, iterate) and they outlined the Ux Challenge. “How might we create an intuitive end user experience & Ideas on “gas relaying.” — This was quickly followed by Andy Tudhope from Status sharing their approach & insights in to this challenge. With this the room was split in to two teams. Lots of discussions unfolded followed by some theory on some potential solutions to the challenge. This was an interesting workshop and great to hear the different opinions on the subject on what was a tough Hypothesis.

Global Ux challenges

I took the chance to catch up with Natalia & Gert-Jan from Golem, we are big fans of their platform and how they have scaled their team and support the community. It was great to get the chance to speak to Ui/Ux designer Natalia Mroszczyk in more depth about some of the global challenges we face in terms of on-boarding new users & managing their expectations.

Their was a really good atmosphere in the venue and the energy was high. I moved around the venue watching teams discussing their projects and mapping out ideas.

The next talk was Kevin Owocki from GitCoin — GitCoin is ‘A community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties.’ and their vision is really strong. Kevin demos the power of the community clubbing together to deliver things faster.

The bounty model that GitCoin uses is super inspiring. Kevin also announced the rough ETA on the EIP1337 Protocol. This was really exciting as we have a candidate for a subscription model. We are hoping to talk to Kevin more in the coming weeks about our MVP.

I managed to grab a minute with Keven at the end of his Q&A session to give him an exclusive preview of the product that we are currently working on.

We are Currently looking in to how we can use the beta version of EIP1337 to map out the new product

The days events were coming to an end…

but just before I headed Back to Kreuzberg Berlin I managed to have a quick catch up with crew.

It was great to chat to Daniela Osorio (Director of Global Partnerships) and get a better understanding of the scale and impact of

Added bonus!

Daniela kindly gave me an awesome Infura T-shirt too. ETH Berlin Swag!!!

Another great day at ETH Berlin comes to an end, So I left the Hackers doing their thing and headed Back toward Kreuzberg in an Uber. Its was time to rest up for day 3.

(To be continued…)

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Big love… KO Team


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