KnownOrigin update — November 2018

Hi everyone, after a few fairly big changes which introduced features such as price controls, gifting, and auctions we have refocused our development efforts towards the mobile experience and to surfacing more information about the blockchain and an assets provenance.

Firstly, we have tightened up the mobile view hopefully leading to a better mobile experience, introducing a burger menu for quick navigation, a new heading bar and fixing the mobile view by utilising more screen real estate to give buyers a better view of the assets.

Controlled Fire by ilian katin —

Secondly we had an unexpected review by Proof Suite this month and it raised some points which had been on our backlog for a along time and hearing it from someone else reaffirmed the need so we’ve added them.

From this week for all KODA V2 assets we began to surface 4 new badges:

  • A ERC-721 badge linking to the 0xCert validator which inspects our contract and confirms our compliance to the ERC-721 specification.
  • A link to the IPFS hosted data associated to each asset.
  • A link to the transaction which created the asset.
  • A link to the transaction which took ownership of the asset.

With this we hope to show more validity in the tokens which can be purchased, we are an open marketplace in the respect that we only provide a window in the awesome artworks that the artists on the platform produce, if KO goes down then the assets live on forever.

Some of the new badges

Along with this we have made some less sexy but completely necessary backend changes. We have exposed a new API to confirm with Matthew Tan (etherscan) requirements for displaying images associated to the ERC–721 tokens, we have reached out to them to enable this for KO tokens.

More changes have been made to our event parsing tools which watch and react to contract changes such as buys, sell, transfers this powers the activity page on KO site.

We have a long list of feature request over the last few months and we plan to tackle them over the coming months, from small UX changes to better artwork visibility and the ability to tip or donate to artists.

If you have any more feedback please reach out to us on our telegram channel or twitter @knownorigin_io account and let us know what you think.

Peace out 🎨… KO Team


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