Amrit Vatsa: Why Does An IIT Graduate Shoot Beautiful Brides & Handsome Grooms On Their Big Day?

Battling the fierce competition in the field of wedding photography, and coming out alive is this IIT graduate, who left his job as a consultant after 4 years, to pursue something that let him reach out to more people. Setting up his company within a mere 3 months, today he’s one of the most sought-after wedding photographers in India. Introducing Amrit Vatsa(Do Read Amrit Vatsa Biography), the Shaadigrapher!

Getting A Kick Out Of Work

During my gig as a consultant, I was clear that it might not be something I wanted to do on a long-term basis. It’s not that I didn’t like my work, or that it was boring, or that I was struggling. I was pretty good at my job, and I even got back-to-back promotions. But I realized that my audience was kind of limited. I wanted my work to reach out to a larger audience. Maybe I would have been able to achieve that if I gave it more time, but I was young and running out of patience. Some people get a kick out of being creative, but I don’t! I get a kick when my work is not lost in a small group of people. When a lot of people look at my work, it motivates me. So I was looking for something part time. Anything that gave me an option to have my space, as well as earn some money to sustain.

Weddings — Made In Heaven And Photographed On Earth

I considered theatre and IIT coaching, because they involve a huge audience, and if you’re good, it reflects. That’s when someone suggested that I explore wedding photography. Photography was just a hobby till then. I wasn’t a passionate photographer or a passionate actor. Anything that I wanted to do, I would have figured out a way to do it, as long as I could impact a lot of people. Basically, I guess I’m a People Person! People charge a huge sum for a day’s work as a wedding photographer, and if you get enough work, you’re set. You may take a year to reach there, but once you do, you will get what you want.

I mostly got my initial projects through connections. It took me 3 months to set up Shaadigrapher. After that, I had enough bookings to sustain. I ranked higher because of Google. Right from the first wedding I covered, my work was better than the 50% images of the existing work present on Google.

Story-Telling In 3-Minutes Is An Art

I decided to make 3-minute stories that inspire or are unique. When I spoke to people and listened to their stories, they had so much to tell. They would get really excited about it and speak to me for hours. But the challenge lies in being able to choose the parts of the story that one can connect emotionally to, and then portray it well. Every story might be good, but making it interesting is what counts. That’s a struggle.

It takes about 10 days of work for me to make a 3-minute video. My understanding keeps changing every time I listen to a recording. Only after 3 to 4 days of listening do I grasp everything that he/she meant to say. And since I’m not trained, I might be taking more time than it should actually take. But presently I do everything on my own because I’m not charging people yet. If I’m paid, I can hire people. Right now I’m a one-man team!

So Much To Explore In Photography

In weddings, I like to create those pictures the most where there are just two or three people in the frame, like the bride and her mom for instance. They would have forgotten that I exist, and I get to capture their precious interactions. I can’t earn money if I pursue wedding photography as an art. I need to think about what they want. So I try to balance it out.

Indians are mostly used to taking pictures in front of monuments or scenic places only. More than photography, they’re actually just documenting their visits and recording their presence in a particular place or event. There’s no art angle to it. In India, no one teaches it, no one understands it, and no one appreciates it. There’s so much more to photography that Indians haven’t explored.

Rapid Round:


A very difficult art to excel

Wedding Photography

Even more difficult art to excel

3-Minute Videos

Be a storyteller


An awesome place where I enjoyed my 5 years


Story telling, right now! wishes Amrit Vatsa all the very best for his future endeavours and we are in particular, very proud with the work he is carrying out with 3 Minute Stories. Let his work portray support to more causes, more stories, reach more people, create more awareness and more inclusion!

Originally published at on September 11, 2014.

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