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Contactless is the New Normal

Knowz is a community-driven platform that gives you live updates of what’s happening at your favorite places any time of the day. Real-time feedback from the community can improve awareness of surrounding places so you can make instant and smart decisions.

As Manila extended its general community quarantine guidelines until the end of July, restaurants and other stores have begun reopening their doors under strict health guidelines. Some of these have already been implemented and experienced such as disinfectant floor mats, alcohol sprays, and ‘No Mask, No Entry’ signages by the entrance doors. All these have changed how we acquaint ourselves with our surroundings in our day to day lives.

Hygiene and sanitation practices are at the forefront of everyone’s priorities, and we know that following these steps are crucial in being safe. It calls for everyone to rethink operations to be as sensible as possible in maintaining health protocols for a worry-free environment.

Several industries especially the foodservice industry have experienced a major shift in the way that they operate. Most have now opted to retarget and revamp their online brand presence to go contactless, but a lot of businesses are still lagging behind. We at Knowz, highly expect this change and so we aim to bridge this digital gap with other companies using our new platform, Knowz Biz.

Introducing Knowz Biz

Knowz Biz reduces contact by digitizing health checklist forms that were initially done by pen and paper. This lessens health and safety risks as we introduce an automated, fully digital platform that could ease processes in your business’ daily operations.

Knowz Biz features the following:

  1. Unique Business QR Code — Guests scan the QR code that will launch the web link or the Knowz app for the Health Checklist
  2. Digital Health Checklist — An all digitized health checklist that guests can fill out using their mobile phone
  3. Knowz Biz Web Portal — Upon submitting, the Account Admin will validate the form and will be provided with a queuing number all within our dashboard

By going contactless, this fast tracks procedure in contact tracing with the least risk to health and safety. This lessens the use of items that others have already touched which are often overlooked for sanitation. This also reduces overcrowding and waiting times upon entry.

Knowz Biz ensures a seamless and convenient contactless experience. Easily process and manage information faster across the board through our platform — all in one dashboard. Additional features are also readily available to tailor-fit with your business’ needs.

Knowz Biz allows for a better and smarter response to the necessary health precautions. We believe that this proactive approach is the right step in improving systems and in adapting to the new normal.

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