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New Feature Alert! Our New Covid-19 Vaccine Tags Are Here

San Francisco, California

There is light on the horizon during the start of this year. In the case of the covid-19 vaccine, the rollout is what everyone’s been waiting for, to overcome and eventually end the pandemic. Last December, The Food and Drug Administration gave Emergency Use Authorization for two covid-19 vaccines, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna. As of now, California has started administering doses to ages 65 and older under Phase 1B, but we’ve still got a long way to go.

The covid-19 vaccine rollout in California is by far one of the slowest in the country. With a population of nearly 40 million, more people live in California than any other U.S. state. This means that about 80 million people would need to be vaccinated given there are two vaccine shots for full inoculation. As of the end of January, only about 3,434,295, or 6.9% of the total population received the first dose.

Several reasons caused the delay of distribution, such as the state’s lack of resources and finances, along with the lack of guidance from the federal government. Another problem is the lack of information that has left a lot of people frustrated. No one knows where to book covid-19 vaccine appointments for themselves or for their loved ones. This creates a lot of confusion for the community, especially when time is of the essence.

Are you wondering where the vaccine is available near you? Is it only for an appointment or are walk-ins welcome? You might have encountered asking these questions to no avail. We know how frustrating this is, and so when there’s a lack of information, Knowz has got you covered. We’re helping the community by providing accurate details on getting the vaccine in the most efficient way possible.

Get to know our New Covid-19 Vaccine Tags here:

Place Pins — View places where the vaccine can be administered on our map.

Vaccine Tags — Tag places to help other Knowzers stay up to date about the covid-19 vaccine availability and appointments. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, you can Request Tags to get the details you need.

Why Use Knowz?

Find Covid-19 Vaccine Information on the Knowz app

If you’re thinking of ways to stay ahead of the curve, then taking a proactive approach is the right step forward. Knowz provides real-time status alerts of what’s happening at your favorite places at any time of the day. It utilizes community feedback to help improve your awareness of surrounding places. See powerful community insights all in one mobile app and make instant and smart decisions on the go.

Knowz Before You Go

See our Covid-19 Vaccine Tags on the Knowz app

Feel empowered with the Knowz community. Stay well-informed and get rid of false information. There’s no better time to help each other than during this unprecedented time.

The new feature now works on both Android and iOS devices.

See the latest news about Knowz here.

Originally published at on February 1, 2021.



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