2nd Batch of Aeris Deliveries

2nd batch of Aeris with Allison and her mom. Taken from a non-iPhone! *gasp*

As of yesterday, 4 new Aeris devices are out in the wild! These were all assembled locally within our office in San Francisco in small batches by our very own Inderjit, and hand-delivered to the homes of our Aeris Visionaires. Since these are delicate and still need refinement, we’re still limiting our trials to places near us. This way, we can drive to your home and help you if you run into any issues!

There is no greater joy than for us to directly hear from these families about how Aeris is helping them. During these visits, we learned how much work we still have ahead of us to satisfy their needs. It’s still a work in progress, and we’re grateful for our Visionaires for being so patient and understanding!

Jason, trying Aeris once again! He’s an OG Visionaire who’s tried the 1st and 2nd batch now.

Last time, we asked our Visionaires to try Aeris for a week. This time around, we’ll leave it to them to decide how long they’d like to continue using it, so we can continue making changes more often!

Thank you all, for helping us shape the future of Aeris together.

Another new family getting to try Aeris.

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