Fostering Relationships

Our Visionaires, Ava and Jayme. Taken from Inderjit’s non iPhone.

Jayme is the mom of 10 year old Ava, who’s tested several iterations of Aeris, a lung health monitoring tool. We met through Ava’s asthma and allergy doctor’s referral after seeing our product in action!

When we first stepped into their home, we were graciously welcomed by their two dogs, Capper, an elderly dog who snores like none other, and Mackie, the 9 month old energetic puppy.

Since school has started, Ava wakes up around 7am, gets dressed, and eats breakfast. After breakfast, she takes a puff of her controller inhaler that’s stored in the second drawer from the top in the kitchen and then washes her mouth.

Ava heads to school at 8am and returns at 3pm. She starts doing her homework until 6pm, when it’s dinner time with the family. Before bedtime at 9pm, she takes another puff of her controller.

She’s been recovering from a sinus infection recently, so she’s been having to use her rescue medication every once in a while. She describes the feeling of her asthma symptoms as “it feels like there’s rocks in my throat.”

Jayme is concerned that Ava’s allergies are triggering her asthma more so now compared to previous years, and wants a way to monitor Ava’s lung health when outside of her doctor’s office.

Today, Aeris sits on Jayme’s countertop, away from the reach of little hands like 4 year old CJ and the paws of Mackie the 70lb puppy. Jayme and Ava have been sharing their thoughts with us everyday. Ava enjoys the game part, but can do without the postcards from Greece. Jayme likes being able to correlate Ava’s allergies and health status with the numbers she receives from our app. She shares these results during her bimonthly visits with Ava’s doctor.

With our open communication and window into Jayme’s family’s life, we have a mutual understanding of the value of Aeris, and constantly learn about what we can improve.

At KNOX, we’re focusing on getting a deep understanding of our Visionaires’ lives, so we can truly build something you love.

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