Evolving Aeris

Aeris is getting smaller! Scratched up Aeris (left) from too many people touching it, with latest 3D printed model (right). Taken from my iPhone 6S.

It’s been a while since we’ve last shown some Aeris updates! Over the past month, we added a new member onto our team, Yufay, who’s been working on the mechanical design. Our team shrunk down the size of Aeris so that it’s more portable and easier to hold. Yufay’s been creating a product that can be manufactured (since we can’t 3D print forever), so that we can have Aeris in the hands of many more families.

Yufay CADing away with the ABC news reporter filming him in his live habitat. Screenshot from our ABC7 News feature.

In the meantime, our design interns from CCA, Dustin Le and Kevin Yeung, have been hard at work brainstorming ways to make Aeris a more delightful experience. Since we’re adding RGB LEDs onto our device, you can even chose the color you’d want Aeris to light up!

Explorations for indication lights. Have a favorite? Let us know!

We care about every part of Aeris, since we believe that it’s the tiny details within our work that add pleasure to your experience.

On the app side, we noticed kids having trouble holding both the device and phone at the same time, so did a quick fix by changing the display from landscape to portrait view. Since some had trouble learning the proper technique, we’ve added video tutorials so it’s simpler to follow along!

Previous version was laid out in landscape view, but was harder to hold when holding Aeris with the other hand.
Switched to a portrait view. Julianne, an Aeris Visionaire, serves as our spirometry teacher!

We’ll be making some major UI/UX changes before starting our second testing period with some more Aeris Visionaires in two weeks!

Aeris getting smaller, along with Indy shrinking as he starves away in the basement.