Keeping Aeris Clean

Me playing around with the removable mouthpiece for Aeris. Shot in our Bolt office by Jessica.

As we chug along with product development, we continue to iterate based on what we observe first-hand. During our most recent home visit, we sat next to the adorable Finn while he was using Aeris. A couple minutes of vigorous playing, I started to wonder why his pants had little water droplets on them. They were slowly increasing.

He wasn’t holding a cup, and there was no sign of snot or saliva dripping from his face. I found the culprit in his hands. Saliva was dripping out of our very own Aeris, and caused this atrocity.

Saliva caught in the mesh and inside of the chamber. Gross, we know. Taken from my iPhone 6S.

As soon as we saw this, the rest of the team was alerted that we need to change. Just wiping down the outside of the device was not enough. We couldn’t let something like this build up without being able to clean it.

We drew some inspiration by taking apart the hospital spirometer, and implemented a similar design into our product. This way, the mouthpiece can easily be taken out for cleaning as needed, and slipped back into place. It no longer was stuck inside to just sit there and collect saliva, food or mucus.

Removable mouthpiece (right) that slides into the body (left). Taken from my iPhone 6S.

The change meant that we had to make plenty of mechanical design changes, as well as update our FDA application. This also sets us back a couple of months, but we think your safety is worth it.

As of January 6, we’ve submitted our pre-sub application to the FDA, keeping safety while using Aeris the top priority.

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