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Finally, its begins…

Introducing the first decentralized multi-chain launchpad that gives control and trust back to investors.

Most times investors feel so much loss, pain and suffering. Stressed and not in control. Billions of dollars have been lost to scam exits/ rug pulls or mismanagement of funds(we have witnessed this majorly in 2017 ICOs and 2020 Defi Boom). This has left investors dumbfounded. Investors are highly stressed on which project to trust and invest in. Rather than focused on the idea or proposed solutions these projects are bringing to the market. No control or say in what funds are used for after fundraising. This is definitely alarming. At knoxhive, we have faced the same issues and problems. So we know how you(investors) feel. And we are here with solutions. As we all know, a Gun(problems) has been pointed at us and now is the time to swing back at it with 146 Solutions. Hahaha!!!…. Yes, we are damn serious!!! We introduce knoxhive, a platform that ensure your investments are as secure as Fort Knox. Get ready to make the most secure hive of investments on multichains.

We are going to support the Ethereum Network, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Heco And Polkadot.

In coming weeks, we would be working on community build up, Investors Building and Strategic Partnerships.

Lastly, we have commenced the development of the Platform and definitely with the ecosystem support we would be able to launch very soon (when we mean soon, we mean soon, No waiting too long).

Have a sneak peak at our website (Don’t forget to track our Roadmap and Tokenomics)— ->

Make the most secure hive of investments on multi-chain…

Let’s get started!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Giving control back to the investors….

Website :

Twitter :

Telegram Chat :




Make the most secure investments via multichain. #Bsc #polygon #solana

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