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Knoxhive Meme Contest

Knoxhive Meme Contest🏆

Meme Contest is Here!

A big fan of memes!!!? Now is your chance to join our meme contest and earn big prizes. It is time to make memes videos or gifs to showcase the knoxhive platform to the entire crypto and Defi ecosystem.

Prizes for you ?

  • 1st Prize: 1500 $KNX
  • 2nd Prize: 1000 $KNX
  • 3rd Prize: 500 $KNX
  • 4th — 38th Prize : 100 $KNX
  • 1000 $kNX would be awarded to special user who creates the most quality concept of the knoxhive platform

Rules to get prizes ?

  1. Follow us on Twitter — @knoxhive, Join us on Telegram
  2. Make the best Meme, try to show the knoxhive concept. You can visit our whitepaper.
  3. Tweet Your meme on your Twitter account, tag @knoxhive and use hashtags #knoxhive #defi #launchpad #multi-chain #decentralised
  4. Submit your memes before 22:59 UTC — 7th November, 2021.
  5. Winners will be selected based on engagements and quality at the end of the contest.
  6. Low quality memes would be disqualified…

About Knoxhive :

Website :

Twitter :

Telegram Chat :

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