9 Affordable gifts for the techie in your life

Put together by the Knoxlabs team ❤

Dec 2, 2016 · 5 min read

Tis’ the season for buying holiday gifts, and while it can be tricky to shop for anyone, techies are probably the most difficult; we’re extremely picky, only tolerate devices/gadgets of the highest quality, and many of the items on our wish list are frankly too expensive for a casual holiday present. So what are you to do?

Well, our team of nerdy coworkers put in a few hours to concoct this useful list of affordable gifts. We did the research so you won’t have to, and honestly feel that any tech enthusiast will love any of the items below.

Happy shopping, and let us know if we missed anything. Cheers!

1. Subscriptions

Instead of buying a traditional present, you might considering purchasing a digital subscription of some kind. One thing you know for sure about techies is that they are online a lot. So when you buy a subscription as a gift, you can be sure that it will be put to good use.

Economically speaking, subscriptions are great because you often only have to pay a few dollars a month for the service. You can give a gift that lasts for six months or a year, and cover the cost over that lengthy period of time.

Some subscriptions we think techies will love: Spotify, Github, & Xbox.

2. Flair

No matter who the tech-lover in your life is, you can be sure that they own multiple gadgets — phones, tablets, laptops, game consoles etc. A great holiday gift that’s also quite affordable is a nice piece of flare for their collection of devices. Phone covers, tablet stands, and other unique accessories are a lovely way to show you care. These items also come in a vast variety of color and theme, so it will be easy to find something that suits the person you’re shopping for.

3. Cardboard VR Stocking Stuffers

If you’re looking for an excellent stocking stuffer, look no further. Knoxlabs’ Christmas VR viewers are easy and affordable gifts that work with any smartphone. For just eight dollars you can give the tech-enthusiast in your life a portal into infinite virtual worlds.

These cardboard headsets come in three different holiday designs, so choose your favorite and have it delivered directly to their door with a personalized holiday message!

4. Portable Charger

This may not sound like the most romantic gift, but trust us, it’s a much needed and practical one. As we mentioned earlier, techies have a lot of gadgets and you can be sure that they use them excessively, most likely more than is sane or healthy. For this reason, techies often find themselves in situations where they need to charge up asap. That’s why a portable charger is a fantastic gift that doesn’t cost too much (we checked and you can find a great one for less than $30). Power on the go, what could be better?

5. Superintelligence

Don’t worry, this isn’t some fancy pill that will make your friend more annoyingly genius than they already are. This is an incredible book written by philosophy professor at Oxford University, Nick Bostrom. In Superintelligence, Bostrom outlines the basics of artificial intelligence and ponders the possible outcomes of this budding field of science. It’s not the easiest read, but a highly respected piece of literature in the tech world, and we consider it an essential piece for anyone who is involved with or fascinated by the tech world. Heck, you might as well buy a copy for yourself!

6. DIY Tech Ball

For something simple and fun, you might try making a tech DIY ball gift! Just choose a few small essential items, like earphones, a flash drive, wireless mouse, screen cleaner, etc., then wrap it all up into a nice festive ball. It’s affordable, and your techie will love unwrapping the endless gift to find the many goodies hidden inside!

7. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

While you may not know what kind of tablet, computer or video game your techie will like, you can be sure that they’ll appreciate a nice pair of noise-reducing headphones. Especially for coders, this is a great gift. Basically, anyone who has their nose in their computer, or spends hours in front of a screen gaming, likes to be fully immersed in the experience. Noise-cancelling headphones are essential to that process, and can be found at some pretty decent prices!

8. A Case of Red Bull or Soylent

Programmers tend to work long hours and rarely take the time to obtain the right kind of sustenance. In this case you can help them out with a case of Red Bull (to give them energy when they feel burnt out), or a case of Soylent, so that they can have nutritious on-the-go meals without so much as lifting a finger.

You’ve most likely heard of Red Bull, but what’s Soylent? Well, it’s a strange liquid product that claims to be a “ready-to-drink meal” that provides “20% of your daily nutritional requirements at the twist of a cap”. It’s very popular in Silicon Valley, and could make life much easier for your techie friend.

9. Subscription to the MIT Review

There’s a lot of literature out there on the tech industry, and among the finest of tech publications is the MIT Review. Based out of one of the most prestigious technical institutions in the world, this magazine offers insightful and profound articles on the most pressing, cutting edge and innovative developments in the world of tech and science. It’s a must read for our team, and we are sure that any techie would love to get a set of new issues digitally or in print. After all, we all have to do our part to support good journalism!


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Online shopping for custom branded Google Cardboards, vetted Virtual Reality headsets and accessories at the lowest prices.

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