Track Premiere — Rebecca Haviland and Whiskey Heart’s ‘Hideaway’

Rebecca Haviland (Photo by Manish Gosalia / Artwork design by Rebecca Haviland)

If you’re in Westchester County and happen to get taken out of a deep sleep by the sounds of Jeff Buckley or Bad Brains, don’t worry, it’s just Rebecca Haviland driving home from a gig.

We’ve all been there. Long night, good night, bad night, any night, and the only thing that makes sense is rolling down the windows and blasting music that takes you to a different place. It’s the feeling Haviland and her band, Whiskey Heart, wanted to capture with their new single, “Hideaway,” and they nailed it.

“I love how sometimes songs can bring you back to a certain place and time in your life and maybe a memory,” Haviland said. “I don’t know why, but maybe it’s just the mode I’m in, in terms of my career and life, but I’ve doing a lot of reflecting on things that I remember as key moments in my past. And one of them was the first time I drove out of the city. I live in Westchester County, so I do a lot of late night driving, three or four o’clock in the morning after gigs and stuff, and I remember this one time driving home and it was a beautiful spring-summer night, and I rolled the windows down and I was blasting Jeff Buckley’s ‘Last Goodbye.’ I love that song and it was the perfect song for that moment of feeling reflective and thoughtful about the night I just had. So I really wanted to try and do my own version of that: my thoughtfulness of a memory of the past but not something that had a negative connotation to it; something that could be thought of from a couple different perspectives.”

It’s a relatable topic and a relatable song, even if your own youth was spent blasting Motley Crue on Friday night drives down 86th Street in Brooklyn.

“I’m also a big rock fan, so there’s been a lot of blasting the Bad Brains as well,” laughs Haviland. “I don’t think if I do a Bad Brains style song my fans might dig it so much, but who knows.”

I’m in, and let this be a public request for Haviland and Whiskey Heart to do a Bad Brains cover on their next tour, which begins with a May 25 gig at Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 3 and that will be a precursor to the release of two more singles advancing their next album in the fall. That’s a nice schedule for a band on a rapid rise.

“I feel like things have been on a pretty steady upswing,” she said. “My life’s pretty crazy right now. We’re gearing up for a summer tour, and working on this record with my band is gonna keep us really busy. So I’m trying to be in the moment, and hoping that when I get to the fall it keeps that momentum.”

If the quality of “Hideaway” is any indication, consider that momentum kept. Not bad for an Americana band slugging it out from the trenches of a place not necessarily associated with that genre. And maybe it’s that New York attitude that makes it all work.

“I’m a born and raised New Yorker, and having grown up in New York and being a part of New York has always been inspirational for me and has fueled my music,” said Haviland. “I know that there are predominant genres that are affiliated with New York, but I also think there’s an attitude. There’s a way you hold yourself and a way you hold yourself on stage and a way you play with your band and that can go across any genre, but that’s something that’s unique to New Yorkers and I hope that carries through.”

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