Young Dubliners make annual east coast trek before working on next album

Young Dubliners

The current weather in New York may not agree, but Fall is here, and for a more reliable sign that the seasons have changed, just look at the touring schedule for Young Dubliners, which sees the band arriving at Mercury Lounge on Monday, Sept. 25.

“Every year in September we hit the east coast, regardless of what’s happening, and ’tis the season,” said the band’s founder, Keith Roberts. “We’re coming back for a quick ten-day run and then we’ll be very sparse for the rest of the year and we’ll get back to the writing.”

Ah, the writing. Not to be annoying, but it has been four years since the release of their aptly titled ninth album, Nine, so when will we be seeing the Dubs back in the studio?

“It’s not laziness,” Roberts insists. “It’s prioritizing paying rent.”

That means plenty of gigs wherever they can get them, and there have been plenty since the last record came out. And even as the group decided it was time to start getting down to writing and recording, those shows kept coming.

“The funny thing is that we’ve been working on stuff for a while now,” he said. “We had agent issues and a bunch of other stuff and we started to wonder about the whole future of everything and we started playing like crazy. This year was supposed to be where you start to redo stuff and take some time off the road but it just never happened. So everybody’s just writing on their own.”

And once the end of the year rolls around, Roberts and his gang (Brendan Holmes, Bob Boulding, Chas Waltz, Dave Ingraham) expect to get in the same room together to hash out the songs for the next album.

“We get together and everybody puts their ideas in,” he said of the process. “Some of them are well on their way and some of them are barely a riff, and it grows from that. We’re massively critical of the material.”

That attention to detail makes for a better end result, which was the case with Nine, their first independently released record. And while the tour supporting the release has been endless, their fans aren’t complaining.

“We only usually get to most places once a year, if not maybe once every year and a half,” Roberts said. “With the places you get to more often, they’re very anxious to hear some new stuff. The other people still think Nine is the new record. (Laughs) Because we have the nine albums now, which is basically 110 songs, we’re only doing about 25 a night, and so what you really hear more is ‘Don’t you ever play blah, blah, blah?’ So if I put a song in the set that we haven’t done in years or that we’ve never done, it almost gets that reaction a new song gets.”

That new material will be coming soon enough, though, and Roberts knows it will be worth the wait.

“It has to be there, and we have to think it will be as good if not better than the other ones.”

Young Dubliners play Mercury Lounge in NYC on Monday, September 25. For tickets, click here

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