FarmHack NG FAQs

Mar 16, 2018 · 3 min read

Who can attend?


I dont know how to code , can I attend?

Yes , you can attend , join a team and use any skill you have . ( writing, drawing, planning etc)

Do I need to have a team before the day?


How will teams be formed ?

You come, network , talk to anyone you like their idea and form a team.

I have an idea, I don’t have a team , can i attend?

Yes, come pitch your idea , and find a team to build thing together.

I don’t know anything about programming , can I attend ?

Yes , you can attend, many teams will need other skills than programmers only.

Can females attend ?

Yes, there is a special preference for ladies in tech.

Are they going to accommodate us for the two days ?

The hall venue will be open 247 , its a marathon . so, GET READY..!!!

How do I get a team ?

On the day of the event, everyone with an idea will be called to say their idea for 1 minute, afterwards, each of them will stand somewhere and you can walk up to anyone you like their idea , tell them what you can offer to the team , so if you all agree and the number of people required is complete, you can just go and register a team and get the work started. (tips : Diversity Works)

How can they link me to a team?

There is no need to get linked to a team , just be there on the first day and there will always be a team you like to join and likewise a team that will like you to join them.

What if no I can’t find a team ?

Identify one of the mentors and if there are other people like you without a team, you all can form a team. its all about solving problem.
Will the prize be given instantly ?

Yes ,most of the prizes will be given instantly. If your team is progressing into a company or growing into something bigger , it may require series of meeting with the body that is sponsoring you.

There are many other packages to be won and everyone will win something.
What is the specific problem we are solving?

Participants will be expected to hack around this three main topics (but not limited to them) :
1. Solving food logistics problem in domestic farming and farm sales
2. Internet impact on agriculture in Nigeria
3. Helping farmers (either in farm settlements or private) scale using data and analytics.

Where do we get the funding for proposed project to exhibit as some ideas require money ?

We all know that 2 days is a very short time to execute a project. All you need to build in those days if you can’t come with an actual product, is a prototype.

Present your prototype and solution in a way that a deaf , blind person or my grandmother can understand within 2 minutes and don’t forget business and user cases are very important too. ( tips: a business canvas can help you)

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