FarmHack NG Tips

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2 min readMar 16, 2018

Tips on what to bring from regular hackathon attendees

Your A-game: More than any other thing you should come with a vested belief, and your confidence to contribute.

Laptop, Phone & Chargers: You are definitely here to hack (find solutions) using curated data and tech, yes, you will need these basics.

Extension cords and/or spare batteries: You can never have enough juice and there are never enough plugs to go around. If you want to make friends fast, bring a power strip

Notebook/scratch paper + pen/pencil: whiteboards/plotters may not be readily available, so you need something to map out your schema.

Music: if you have a separate device for music ipod/mp3 player.

Headphones (noise cancelling is recommended if you have)

Mint — unless you want to be relegated to remote communication (Slack etc) even in the same room, your teammates will appreciate a little minty freshness.

Backpack with multiple zippers for, (bonus points if you have a zipper lock): It will be wise to stow away anything that you’re not using in your backpack. Items go missing and get stolen at any large event. Please your discretion will be needed to take care of your personal belongings, we believe in you. Or… yea also to take home all the swag you’re getting!

Anti-bacterial wipes

Reusable water bottle


Ice-breaking games — for quick getting to know and team spirit building

Playing cards — there will be downtimes, and times when the whole team need rejuvenation and brain awakening, this will come in handy. But um…do not get carried away, you are on the clock against other teams.

Favorite snacks and Red Bull/energy drink of choice: Nuts anyone? But seriously, if you’re a picky eater or if you eat a lot, then packing your own snack(s) is the way to go

Earplugs — plug away if you prefer silence rather than music. Yea it helps getting into “the zone”


USB key(s)

Painkillers (Tylenol, etc): in case you or anyone else needs, take care of yourself and be your brothers keeper!

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