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First Dotsama meetup in Lisbon and how the KodaDot team helped to make it real

Probably everyone has heard that a series of crypto conferences will happen in Lisbon namely Ethereum, Near, Cosmos, Solana. We’ve originally wanted to keep grinding our stuff. But suddenly we’ve been convinced by various folks from close circles to come over. Yeah, everyone wants to see face to face after a series of lockdowns and isolations. We’re thinking, how to contribute to our presence in Lisbon. Then we’re looking if some public DotSama event is happening.

We took the lead and did some with humble discovery

We’ve got responses from over 20 folks who are coming to Lisbon or will be in the upcoming weeks. Fair datapoint.

Day Zero

Once we’ve landed and gone through the first few days of parties, clocks were still ticking and we felt quite responsible to deliver the DotSama event, as none Polkadot was happening, except product shills.

Amazing work by https://twitter.com/deepologic, you can find it on KodaDot

It has started a bit with a bitter taste as every challenge starts. Originally we wanted to make one like in Paris, picnic-style in an open park, which best represents Polkadot Layer0, common ground for anyone. When we’ve found that drinking is not allowed for obv reasons, we’ve started seeking Beer Garden by a suggestion from Parity. As we’ve originally wanted to set a meetup before some key people left Lisbon, we’ve worked with options Friday or Saturday afternoon/evening. We’ve started to be under a bit of time pressure on Wednesday as people have been bumping back, “when is the DotSama meetup?”. What organizer w/o venue before 72h can reply, right.

Then we’ve had the option to do it at a castle near Lisbon which would be amazing (hope someone will pick it up and do one!), we’ve been stoked for this option, but for various reasons could not be executed there.

Once been bit focusing on picking up the venue, we’ve managed to secure one, on Thursday, but with a slot only for Friday.

Exceptional FOMO has build on Internet, correlated with organizer stress levels

FOMO builds on Internet

Once we felt confident over the venue, which can accommodate more folks, I’ve made a tweet.

175 RT + 445 ❤

The tweet had amazing traction, roughly with 154 RTs / 21 QRTs/ 445 ❤️‍🔥, probably thanks to airdrop at gate ❤️‍🔥👀

Telegram channel has followed the virality

Meetup day — Friday 5pm

First to thank Alex from SubSocial and his subFighers for bringing https://sub.id/#/?qr.

Probably, over 70% of participants on Dotsama in Lisbon used this feature, which was made just before the event! Amazing responsive times!

Coming on venue

Just before heading to the venue, a quick meme appeared about 4:20 pm at the gate. You know how opportunity looks in wild and we managed to capture it!

Definitely, whenever we were coming to a venue, 7 wild DotSama members has appeared. Accordingly promises, with the release of this article, they received NFTs from Early Dotsama drop.

The Place — Lulu um pub bonito in Lisbon
If you don’t know these folks, they are quite famous in Dotsama community!

The vibe at the venue was compounding with amazing speed people arriving before the original official time 5 pm.

Then I suddenly saw that Kusama and Polkadot Twitter accounts did RT. That was quite an instant legitimacy of DotSama meetup and we are thankful for that!


Luckily, some folks did not forget their stickers for merch and have been fostering community relationships between members.

Hydra/BSX+KodaDot/MetaPrime did not forget to bring stickers!
Some people received rare sticker pack 👀

What quite surprised us, was making interview at the place, so we estimate once it will be live, you can find it on Intertubes available

making of interview at dotsama lisbon

Namely, a lot of recognized folks showed up and we are really thank full for your presence! It was worth a shot! The original timeline for the meetup was from 5 pm to 8 pm, however, the quick meme was made that coming at 4:20 pm, 7 folks showed before that time. Group of 9 ppl enjoyed venue so much they stayed till 10 pm. Thank you for staying that long.

Venue from inside was perfect fit for pinkish colors of ecosystem ❤

Hopefully, everyone acknowledges photos we’ve used, with sharing their location and time, if not, we can photoshop it or remove it!

For privacy reasons we did not put pictures of all who showed up as it’s best to keep it in memories of those who showed up. There were over 30+ members who showed up at the venue, which are genuinely part of the authentic DotSama community.

How did we manage to make Airdrop?

Simple! We’ve utilized the airdrop interface we’ve used during Sub0 airdrop where we’ve distributed 500 NFTs for $26 dollars. With releasing this article, we are using KodaDot Mass-Airdrop to drop to participants who showed up at the DotSama Lisbon event as memorable NFT with future access. The rule was first 30+ attended were eligible for airdrops. We’ve collected 22 KSM addresses, thus those who came afterwards either did not have a KSM wallet or did not find organizers to tell their KSM address.

Check your profile through KodaDot

By buying spare DotSama Lisbon NFTs, you would receive access to special MetaPrime virtual spaces/rooms. You will help cover expenses for DotSama ppl, which was 1k3€ for food & drinks, plus organization costs I’ve spent with an event, like contacting venues, coordinating efforts &c, spreading the word to the right people and writing this memo 🥺

Wild and organic mentions

We’ve found tweets about Dotsama meetup in wild!

Good side effects

We had a quicky need for an art cover for the meetup so we asked Deepologic to use his. Which was amazing, there were collectors who collect his art as it added value to our meetup!

Thanks to all who showed up!

I would publicly thank namely Parity, Parity folks who showed up at meetup, members of parachain teams SubSocial, Basilisk/Hydra, MetaPrime, KodaDot, Robonomics, Unique, RMRKapp and the rest of individuals parts of valuable DotSama communities, like 0xVentures, ChaosDAO and other Discords I would like to show up as well!

We’ve learned that organizing meetups must be about valuable community members and having fun. Thank everyone who helped bring this real, hope you enjoyed the event.

Airdrop — check your profile!

Once you finished reading this article, you can check your profile through KodaDot. You should see a green shadow under NFT, that’s yours!

If you came early, you’ve received Early Dotsama Lisboa 2021, with a superior rarity.

At the gate, at 5 pm, we’ve been distributing this lovely ART by deepologic

Whenever you want to support organizers' costs, you can collect NFT DotSama Lisboa 2021 and cover expenses we’ve had.

Next DotSama Lisbon?

We would like to keep the audience warm and whenever the next Lisbon in Dotsama would happen, happy to hand over the telegram channel to responsive community organizers which has grown overnight after the meetup to 200+ members. Telegram DotSama Lisbon

Thank you for reading and see you on the Intertubes.


DotSama — short hand for Polkadot and Kusama




Exploring art of NFTs and experimental interface to interact with NFTs

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