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How to Embed your NFT on Kusama through KodaDot

Part of our Milestone 1 was to deliver way how you could embed NFTs from into other websites in a fashionable way.

</> How it works

We will take the example NFT mint from the gallery, . Once we are looking on NFT item detail, in the sharing area we will click on </>. After the click, the code snippet will be copied to your clipboard. That’s it, simple as that. We welcome non-tech savvy users and we are trying to make an easy task for them.

How to copy iframe code for your website

iframe code — what’s inside

Copied code to your clipboard looks like this:

title="Check this cool NFT on %23KusamaNetwork %23kodadot"

It has width property 480 pixels, height 840px. It’s our basic approach for now how embeds could work. Later it could be fine-tuned whenever we will get a request from the community to have a better engine for embeds.

Final look

Now you can look at how it looks on site.

Embedded NFT from Kusama network through KodaDot

You can help spread the word by RT and like our manual in tweet. We are glad for any RT from community members!

How to embed NFTs on website

To the Metaverse and Back! 🔮

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