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Introducing Series Insights

After our recent write-up on numbers, KodaDot has generated for a lifetime, it’s time to put focus on new features, how users can benefit from using KodaDot and help Creators Economy flourish in Kusama ecosystem

Our core ethos is to provide on Kusama NFT explorer and produce useful public good for developers and para chain teams. Simple as that.

Series Insights

One of our external contributors, RoiLeo, has started working on this feature 18days ago, with our hinting advice on what would be good to have there. What was amazing, it was purely in RoiLeo’s autonomy. That’s what’s our core ethos of building community-owned KodaDot. With rewarded external contribution.

Today, we’ve made Series Insights live and we are still evaluating if everything looks good and how we could expand this future in future. Whenever you have great feedback, please stop by at our Discord and write to feedback channel

You can check Series Insight, wait few more seconds till your browsers will fetch new update and let us know what you think and what we should not miss having there. We aim to create strong feedback loops with our core audience.


Addressable Creator Profile

It was a very requested feature in among voice of the community, to share the particular view of your Creator profile to showcase particular category along from Created, Collections, Sold and Collected to others see where you are looking at.

Luno aka Two clicks, the third page of created collections
AvaLock’s third page of Creation

For example, you can check Luno aka Twoclicks among his 51 collections, third page

Lovely writings at AvaLock’s third page of Creation

Jack Entropy — Kanaries on 5th page

Jack Entropy — Kanaries on 5th page

Wanted to share Sango Xango collected NFTs?

Wanted to share Sango Xango collected NFTs?

Dolphins are back

Roughly speaking, with migration from Textile’s ThreadDB to the Subquery, we’ve accidentally dropped Sort and in pressure of other things we totally forgot to return this precious basic sorting mechanism.

As you are an active JPEG collector, you want to see only NFTs for sale. We hear you and here you go, please go collect!

Switch to Buy Now and go lurking best pieces and low hanging fruit out there.

We plan later add this feature on top of artist profiles and collections, so we can supercharge your collecting efforts.


Background upgrades

We try to deliver a lot of small incremental improvements on a daily basis and for last weeks are keeping quite steady on the promise. You can check pull requests which went to production. Overall merged PRs.

Native Webshare API for mobile

Webshare API for mobile

Thanks to Prachi, she made PR to enable webshare API in KodaDot from mobile. Now sharing is much more native for mobile users whenever you are sharing amazing creations with your friends





Image Aspect Ratio

You can find one where Vikiival & RoiLeo have been fixing the proper image aspect ratio. From there, Vikiival has made upstream changes to Buefy (our core component library), which was successfully merged.

Gift — buy me a coffee

Along with that Prachi has implemented the “buy me a coffee” feature. When you visit the creator’s profile, you can click on the button to send directly amount to the creator’s address.

New talent incoming

Since our last writing, we are trialling new developers who would like to be part of our product KodaDot & MetaPrime and join our amazing team. If you want to join our team, check the job ads links at end of the article.

MetaPrime — was is das

Meanwhile, we will be rolling out the new landing page for MetaPrime and releasing the first write-up, so please follow MetaPrime Medium up to learn more, what we are these days up to.

Thank you for your contribution!

Probably w/o developers and talent on our Discord, we would not gonna make it. But with all help coming from various channels, WAGMI!

One big shout out to our contributors, you mean a lot to us.

We are hiring!

We decided to step further and after laying down our long-term vision, we went to find out our new coworkers who will be part of the inner circle.

Here are our current job postings

Follow up

We are at the summit to deliver a whole new experience. We are thankful for the past months of experience from everyone and for all your contributions. We really appreciate it and we would like to drive it further.


Any screenshots in this article are not endorsement of particular creator or collection.




Exploring art of NFTs and experimental interface to interact with NFTs

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