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JPEG summer is over. It’s over, right?

we might have a new logo, what would you say?

Frontend — developer perspective

157 open / 211 closed issues

Bounties — is it working?

The current snapshot of bounty distribution, 45+ issues with bounties, is open for anyone to grab

Insights — developer dynamics

Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 158 commits to main and 197 commits to all branches. On main, 168 files have changed and there have been 6,422 additions and 3,356 deletions.

Community — you matter most to us

10k — https://twitter.com/kodadot

Audience — Creators Base

21k RMRKs NFTs on Kusama — 25/9/2021
20 artists per page, 42 pages. — 25/9/2021

Sustainability — long-term ownership distribution

We’ve crossed 1k sales! 🥳

Future metrics?

You’re invited to participate

Where to start?


We are hiring!

Here are our current job postings

Follow up



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