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JPEG summer is over. It’s over, right?

Our core values of KodaDot were born as being open-source software, accessible to anyone and with active participation, learning from the issues we have (160+), incentivization scheme we’ve had for developers and best of all, an awesome product with early ownership for anyone.

In this article, we will dig through numbers, as we’ve been flying for a longer period and onboarded new developers, creators, hires. Hinting, we will try to have it as a quarterly report on our dynamics.

we might have a new logo, what would you say?

Frontend — developer perspective

At our heart, we prefer an open contribution for anyone into our kodadot/nft-gallery repository. We particularly want to fast line a few issues, in that case, we put there bounty labels, which ranges from $50 up to $600

Our repository is quite popular, probably because we are one of few open-source NFT galleries out there. Currently, we are at 68 stars / 79 forks. Our sensation is that we are still under-radar from developers' perspective. We will be working through hackathons to bring more developers to work on the KodaDot codebase to make it accessible for a wider audience out there.

157 open / 211 closed issues

Generally speaking, our repository has bit started growing on issues, we’ve passed 211 closed issues and currently have 157 issues. That’s why we’ve started hiring on technical product manager to keep eye issues on lower level.

Bounties — is it working?

This is our core building stone. We’ve realized once our repository is getting popular, we’ve received external contributions faster, without going through the hustle of hiring someone, who eventually would not enjoy the project after a while. This filters out non-believers well. You can have look, that we’ve dispatched 42 issues labelled with bounty symbol.

The current snapshot of bounty distribution, 45+ issues with bounties, is open for anyone to grab

The current distribution of bounties. You can see we reward developers' contributions based on an actual effort where it depends on the complexity and effort to be delivered by the developer. We are still exploring on new bounty structure here.


Moving into closed PRs, apart from bounties, we have over 420 pull-requests closed & accepted (merged) to the code repository, which is eternal, especially during the on-chain digital ownership era.


More readable number here is that, we’ve accepted 393 contributions, based on various scope of the changed codebase, added or removed lines.

Insights — developer dynamics

You can jump straight and check numbers yourself. We’ve cherry-picked few data points for you. It’s based on a snapshot between 25/8–25/9 shows that we have started moving quite fast, recently.

Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 158 commits to main and 197 commits to all branches. On main, 168 files have changed and there have been 6,422 additions and 3,356 deletions.

Excluding merges, 9 authors have pushed 158 commits to main and 197 commits to all branches. On main, 168 files have changed and there have been 6,422 additions and 3,356 deletions.

From reports, you can check that our Github repository is a vibrant place with daily developers' activity.

Our ethos is that in the current stage of the product, we would like to keep this pace of delivery and grow it with the new hires to double down on these numbers within upcoming months.

That’s the motto, that’s the line.

Community — you matter most to us

Speaking of our Discord, we’ve crossed 600 members without having any token or incentivization strategy. We serve as a thin layer on top of only one current NFT standard RMRK.app. We justify, it might positively change once we will roll out with the next para chain integrations.

10k — https://twitter.com/kodadot

Speaking of our Twitter, we’ve crossed 10K without applying any growth hacks or having tokens in place. Just running product out there.

Audience — Creators Base

21k RMRKs NFTs on Kusama — 25/9/2021

Speaking of the userbase, the current count of RMRKs, we offer our userbase access to fairly over 20k NFTs on Kusama.

20 artists per page, 42 pages. — 25/9/2021

Using our Spotlight feature, we can estimate there are circa 820+ unique addresses which created or collected RMRK NFTs

Brief stats from Netlify, which we use for CI/CD deployment and we really appreciate their CDN network for content distribution of our baseline assets, like our codebase to your browser. On the graph, you can see that we’ve peaked around 1300 visitors on daily, till market cooldown has come into effect.

SubQuery has told us that on average, our daily queries are at 77k.

Sustainability — long-term ownership distribution

We’ve crossed 1k sales! 🥳

Speaking of our Sustainability address [1,2,3], we’ve crossed 1000+ sales. Accounting for KSM rewards, we keep right now a small fee for the sale, which was made thanks to our early testers, creators and collectors. From a long-term perspective, we are thinking of few strategies for how we will reward these persons through various incentivization strategies as it would help us seed core ownership of KodaDot in the future.

Future metrics?

With current work on MetaPrime, we will be expanding on metrics what’s are being done at KodaDot, PermaFrost and MetaPrime.

In the future, we will be releasing Statemine integration as our Kusama Treasury proposal has passed and Basilisk NFT marketplace as we like working with Hydra heads and Snek 🐍

You’re invited to participate

we’ve tried to make everything, how we operate in a transparent way.

Everyone is welcome to come and participate in KodaDot. Grow their ownership stake in the codebase, we’ve tried to make everything, how we operate in a transparent way. From our issues, through public discussions in pull requests, finishing with on-chain transactions for bounties.

Where to start?

You can briefly learn how to contribute to our repository by reading our Contributing document on our Github and you can get your first issue through label good first issue, for closer coordination, please visit our Discord.


We are hiring!

We decided to step further and after laying down our long-term vision, we went to find out our new coworkers who will be part of the inner circle.

Here are our current job postings

Follow up

We are at the summit to deliver a whole new experience. We are thankful for the past months of experience from everyone and for all your contributions. We really appreciate it and we would like to drive it further.




Exploring art of NFTs and experimental interface to interact with NFTs

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