KodaDot: The NFT market on Kusama and Polkadot

How it started


It’s been quite a while since we circled around our rewrite of the original PolkadotJS App from React to Vue and we’re slowly seeking what we can do as an interface and with harvested knowledge as a (fat) wallet. During Summer 2020, we’ve circled around the capabilities of Substrate chain and we 🥈 prize from Polkadot hackathon with Automated Registry but turns out, it wasn’t that feasible(may we return here later). Then we’ve tried to do quick hacking around with AR/VR to visualize blocks. We’ve received a great feedback loop on Twitter.

Exploring stuff, 🌸 ever-blooming ecosystem and finishing our Milestone 3 — 🥩staking, we’ve found something, that fits our vibes of being bleeding edge and experimental. We had chat with Usetech Design and did quickie hacking to design a custom frontend for SubstraPunks (formerly CryptoPunks but just on Substrate). Worked. Turns out, nothing much to do for us till they will run their main net, but keeping them on our scope.

Afterwards, Bruno Skvorc has been hacking around on RMRK.app for Kusama Network till NFTs parachains will be around and we quite liked this NFT — graffiti as there is no-much-chain logic enforcing true NFT rules.

So we’ve picked an opportunity to thrive and to show how we are brave to play around with new wild things. We’ve realized that system.remark is flexible to use on-any-chain. Did quick proof-reading on Swader/rmrk-spec and did RMRK.app NFT reader.

We’ve started exploring more, how we can gain traction from this and we’ve hacked the AR interface for RMRK on Kusama Network and made a demo and we had huge appreciation from the crypto community.

Everything turns out great so far and we are hacking to be sort of tango here and trying to skip indexing service as don’t want to run any service by our-selves and to rely on off-chain workers for now. We’ve decided to do so by leveraging Textile (Andrew Hill)’s ThreadDB. We are right now in the phase of exploring, researching and hacking the very first prototype. If that plays out, we will have really independent interface, which has a chance to run on every Substrate chain. Stay tuned!

If you are curious, want to hang out, feel free to visit us at t.me/kodaNFT

Till then, keep following us at twitter.com/kodadot

You’re welcome!

experimental NFT landscape — https://nft.KodaDot.xyz