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Mass airdrop and what we’ve learned

We’ve decided to do sub0 airdrop and it was quite good, with some hiccups on the way.

Let’s elaborate on metrics it has generated for us and post mortem.

This is it! Beautiful sub0 NFT by deepologic

How it started

We’re thinking about how to use some KodaDot powerful features and dog food on our own platform. We’ve came up with mass mint stuff which was highly requested feature from the creator's audience.

We pinpoint that we need some fuel, so we asked Deepologic to bring amazing creations for and match them with the upcoming Substrate conference, which we can push to the audience.

Race was on

We’ve decided to make it super easy and set dedicated Discord channel to grow our KodaDot & Metaprime audience

all we had and just after creating degens we’re posting memes lines and they deleted it 😅
basically, semi-rekt discord with 548 members

Before airdrop, we’ve had around 548 members on Discord, which was fair that we haven’t applied any growth hacks and audience. But this time it’s different. Since we’ve finished after 7 hours, we’ve received 467 unique addresses, including the most notable #DotSama members.

1264 — hell yeah

Summing up the outcome, we’ve received over 700+ unique members, NOT artificial army in our Discord in a matter of ~6–8 hours and opened a new GM channel on Discord.

You are invited to GM with us

quick help goes to ☕ FinalOmit 🍺⚫: on KodaDot discord

We’ve started with a quick tweet to start our campaign. Yeah, no graphics, except the NFT one!

Imperfect actions beats perfect inaction.

Numbers snapped was 48 Retweets 16 Quote Tweets 71 Likes, love you DotSama community! We are confident that we will make an airdrop in the future, so keep eye on our Discord and Twitter.

Re our original, tweets, here are some low-key numbers

Distribution and unknown “fatalities”

We’ve announced that our airdrop and distribution through KodaDot as we did not want to take it forever and wrap up to see how reflective is our social circles, this introduced scarcity on collection w/o known rules. The only known rule was to drop your KSM address to be able to win. Some people failed this and that’s part of our post-mortem. Keep reading.

467 people have joined

Those who missed this opportunity — can still grab a brilliant sub0 collection which will serve as access to private rooms at MetaPrime


We’ve made it to our own charts!

Seems through our Series Insights you can check, that by Assets size, we are fifth 🏆. Amazing. We guess once we will release our feature mass-airdrop, more people can create mass airdrop collections and that will add more NFTs into Kusama space.

🏆 Mom, I’m fifth!

Wrap up — next GM

After dispatching, we did quick documentation of our process on Twitter.

We’re able to dispatch 500 NFTs for $26 in one click. Can you Layer1 do that? This will be part of our MetaPrime vision, where we want to subsidize MetaPrime with a feeless transaction, but do not sacrifice spam protection!

Next morning — where is my free drop?

We’ve decided to open a way to bring valuable inside to mint a few NFTs who missed this opportunity and set it to 5KSM — the market will decide on the floor. The next morning, someone was selling at 1.47KSM, it’s their decision, out of our control, the holy grail to immutability and permissionless nature of blockchain.

NGMI participants

We’ve got flooded discord with requests where are my NFT. Turns out, they posted DOT or Substrate default address. Totally of 18 people gave the wrong address. We’ve fixed this in our mass-airdrop interface to prevent it in the future. But since it’s immutable, we can’t do anything about it, the rule was simple, post your KSM address and we want to respect it among others.

13 participants — gave us ss58 with 42 — Default for Substrate

What’s the heck is ss58

You can learn more about ss58 address format, it’s an amazing feature of the Polkadot ecosystem. You can find which bit stands for which parachain, yet, at some point it still breaks UX, we will figure out this for future mass-airdrops for you at KodaDot.


It was really great experiment with dog food with our own built platform and we’ve made new friends and attracted a lot of new interesting people around.

What we are looking forward to is keep a strong feedback loop with our Discord audience to build more robust features into KodaDot. Jump to our feedback channel if you have something to share.




Exploring art of NFTs and experimental interface to interact with NFTs

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