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Sleeping giant drop and updates on KodaDot

We’ve delivered our promise and those who participated in our Discord, now can find their airdrop on their address, under collected in KodaDot. We’ve engineered a special feature for this distribution under 48h, which will be available as a future part of KodaDot rich functionality later.

Sleeping Giant himself, thinking about new money market

Meme roots are coming from common space (Progressbar hackerspace) where KodaDot has grown together with Hydradx.io // BSX team membas.


Whenever you have an existential deposit on your address, you should see your NFT from Sleeping Giant collection under profile — collected.


MASS-Airdrop based on Ouroboros randomness

We took the challenge and bring a bit of randomness from the chain, which is based on verifiable random function (VRF).

Ouroboros randomness is secure for block production and works well for BABE.


From here we will receive “entropy” from the chain and we choose an address that is eligible for a percentual distribution from the pre-made set of addresses based on this randomness.

Demo of mass airdrop

Our demonstration scenario is that we have 123 addresses and you can set a percentual % number of how many people can receive NFTs.

Flipping button RANDOM, you will use VRF Randomness from the chain.


Reflection on the rapid evolvement

We’ve crossed from the early-stage product on Kusama, to be more mature and robust. Yet we still trying to experiment and bring new features. So let’s go briefly fly over what’s new in KodaDot.

Whenever you don’t want to wait till we write about what’s new, you can check yourself our release page or merged PRs


Collection View — Beta

We’ve received feedback from an audience that we should add a collection view, showing just collection covers. To easier browse through, we’ve added a bare preview and will be rolling other properties, like showing only ones which are for sale. Usual BUY NOW toggle you can know from other views and showing only collections with more than X items inside or are in the floor price range you would like to buy in.

Collection View https://kodadot.xyz/rmrk/collections?page=360

Pagination on collection

Right away, you can now share with your frens collection page and we will improve on this. Let us know in our feedback channel on Discord what we should add to the collection!


Set your identity from KodaDot


It has started as a problem from the community, how to make setting identity much easier. We’ve listened and delivered quickly as we’ve got previous experience with this.

RT for awareness https://twitter.com/vikiival/status/1454808143544950788

Mass-ops Admin panel

This is feature has emerged after deep talks with various artists to manage their collections.

When artists realized they want to burn NFTs from their collections and introduce digital scarcity by burning listed NFTs, now they can do it with a single click.

It offers you MASS-CONSUME NFTs which were not distributed, MASS-LIST rest NFTs or do MASS-SEND NFTs.

You need to choose your collection and then you are offered to use things like CONSUME, SEND and LIST.

We are really enjoying this feature to help manage your ART portfolio with ease and whenever you have feedback, land on our Discord


New mint screen — Create NFT 2.0

We’ve quite long observed our early Craiglist-pit for minting stuff, which was killing our eyeballs. We hear you there! That’s why we bring NEW AND POLISHED mint screens for Simple Mint edition and Classic Mint


Sub.id integration

We are really thankful for Subsocial to launching ecosystem feature when you can have more insights if the address has balances, NFTs, assets, participated in crowd loans etc.


Incentivized testing

We’ve found #qa-lobby channel on our Discord to bring more testers before we release major features which could bring potential breakups. These major milestones are Statemine, Basilisk and others.

We’ve decided to incentivize 0.2–1KSM per bug report in our GitHub issues based on complexity. This way we would like to invest especially non-tech-savvy users who can help go click through and test any issues they have and best if they provide screenshots with the console so we can easier debug if that was a bug and detailed steps to reproduce the bug on our side.

New Medium style

Thanks for bringing up new styles to XyloDrone. Reading articles is now a much better experience. We will be slowly releasing news about our current upgrades about KodaDot & MetaPrime running in the background.

3D Artists — welcome again!

We’ve fixed a long outstanding issue which was a missing poster for 3D stuff, so artists while minting 3D can add posters that will show up in the gallery and on top of it, we’ve added activating Augmented Reality (AR) right away for your 3D model. Please test it and let’s know how it works on your mobile phone. Make recording and post it to the tweet below


We are hiring — you and your frens

As a growing team, we need to hire social capital to render our vision true. You and your frens can be part of it. Let us know if you know someone who would like to contribute to open source web3 projects and change the world.

We are in it for open Metaverse

Credits for helping render this article true

The order is totally random

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Exploring art of NFTs and experimental interface to interact with NFTs

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