🌱 Vue-Polkadot.js.org was born

Hello, first of all, thanks to Web3 Foundation Team that we can be members of grantees community and we’ve been picked in Wave 3 recipients for contributing to Polkadot ecosystem.

🛤 How did we get there

It all started in our Progressbar Cowork that I had the opportunity from Zee Prime to deep dive into Polkadot and make Substrate developer research and it’s status.

I identified a few missing components in developers manner in the ecosystem and I started researching Substrate on Substrate Technical channel at Riot for more info. I was amazed by Substrate the way that it could be underlayer or easy replacement for small chains (*cough* rank20+). Which is struggling to get blockchain developers and do the heavy lifting for them without knowing much about consensus, mechanisms, council, democracy, executive, indices, session, staking, validating of blocks, treasury, type of transactions, assets, on-chain fees, extendibility, smart contracts.

Hint, Substrate Runtime has 🔋batteries included in the package.

Fast forward, I decided to use Vue components as I had more experience with Vue than React. React components are there. I was thinking of creating Subkey, key-generation utility for web-browser. Because why not have it on mobile (i.e. if you are a participant in the lock-drop — Edgeware. Yes, I know you should generate your keys in an air-gapped and safe environment.

🎟 Web-based Subkey

I started to digging deeper into this topic and I’ve found out, it’s not easy to generate yourself pair of keys as Vue developer. My new home for a while was keyring utils. It took me around a week to reverse code from Rust libraries to get things done. I’ve managed it to work -subkey.netlify.com

This web-based Subkey can:

  • create Substrate account from mnemonic and hex seed
  • load account
  • sign data
  • verify signature

Vue 🔐 keyring, 🎭 identicon, 🎛 dashboard…

I teamed up with Viki from Progressbar.sk and we started to working on vue-polkadot.js.org.

During my Substrate developer research, I’ve found out that there are teams like Joystream, Plasm, Edgeware, ChainX, Katal Finance (many others teams building on Polkadot) will require huge amount of frontend effort to make things delivered. Most of teams are focused get writing their SRML modules (SRMLmarketplace, SRMLhub), Substrate modifications, get the network running and keep it healthy after upgrades. They are focusing on the logic part of the business.

Back in days, they’ve had just grabbed React components for frontend and make it work, somehow find React developers. But with Vue-Polkadot we are here trying to make option. Mostly I found Ethereum developers who already know sort of Solidity, they want to get some frontend pretty easy & quick done, so they choose Vue.

I think running your own para chain/solo chain will be the same. You will have options to choose between React and Vue. We are on it, to make vue-polkadot compatible.

🕹 Vue-Subkey reinvented; Coming back as a rich-feature dashboard

To demonstrate the possibilities of our project, we decided to keep up with everyday evolving polkadot.js.org/apps/ and introduce vue-polkadot.js.org/apps/ dashboard.

It will be alive within 2 weeks. I think for a few weeks after launch we will be missing all major components, but our roadmap is to have important components in the first stage like:

  • Accounts
  • Address Book
  • Democracy
  • Extrinsics
  • Transfer
  • Settings

In the second stage we are expecting to deliver:

  • Explorer
  • Staking
  • Storage
  • ToolBox
  • Treasury

🤩 Gates are open, participate

If you are interested and excited about this project, you can join our team 😍. You’re more than welcome to help us out 💪

I think this is great opportunity to evolve some skin-in-the-game with decentralized technology and we are in the super-early stage. Great to work on some nice open-source project.

You can find out more at vue-polkadot.js.org and github.com/vue-polkadot

🚀 Extra fuel

There will be bounties with our issues to speed up delivery. Thank you Web3 Foundation Team for extra fuel 🚀.

📜 PS:

We are super happy to participate in other projects and foster cooperations across Substrate and Polkadot ecosystem, if you have any questions, feel free reach us, https://twitter.com/yangwao or https://t.me/yangwao


Behind scenes, Thanks to Anett for proofreading. Thanks to Viki who is on this with me. Thanks to Progressbar where this path was born.

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