The Science of Customer Experience Integration

There’s a threefold challenge that stands to impact your ability to keep your customers. Customer expectations are rising, customers are readily sharing their bad experiences publicly and customers are switching their suppliers at a dramatically increased pace.

The problem is real, the business impact is large and business leaders are taking note. A Bloomberg Businessweek research survey found that 80% of companies rate CX as a top strategic objective. The O’Keeffe CX research found that 93% of business leaders say that improving their customers’ experience is one of their top three priorities for the next two years and 97% state that CX is critical to their business success. They also understand the cost of failure is large and estimated at 20% (approx.) of revenues.

Businesses across the globe have finally realized the impact and have invested heavily on solutions and technologies that may help them improving the Customer Experience, but without a proper CX Roadmap in sight all these initiatives can backfire and can create a lot of clutter and disorientated systems working in silos leaving the end customer frustrated.

Ephlux has designed ‘The CX Integration Roadmap Consulting’ program specifically to avoid these sort of situations. This four week exercise can help organizations to come up with a unified omni channel approach through which they can start their CX journeys keeping the end in minds. Ephlux ‘CX Integration Roadmap Consulting’ program has helped many renowned businesses from SMB to Fortune 500 corporations and can help your organization too by building a robust and integrated customer experience roadmap.

Checkout more details about our CX Integration Roadmap Consulting program and Contact us for more information regarding our CX Consulting services.

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